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Hello Old Friend

Hello, readers and friends. Long time no see, huh? It’s hard to believe I’ve gone this long without blogging. While I had planned to take a mini hiatus from the blogosphere, I had not planned on taking this long off. But in truth, I really did need a break. Getting A Time For Adventure out was a lot of work and I was pretty worn out afterward.

But I didn’t take a complete break from writing. I have not one, not two, but three projects going! Am I crazy? Maybe. One, of course, is the fifth and final book in The Abi Hensley Series. The second project is the first book in what will be my historical mystery series. And my most recent story is a Christmas novella that I started when I had hit a block with the other two projects. I’m hoping to share more details on all of these in the near future.

And while I’m not planning to be as involved with blogging as I once was, I’d like to get back into the swing of a more regular blogging schedule. We’ll just see how things go!

Thanks for stopping by today. It’s good to be back.

–Miranda Atchley

Release Day! + G I V E A W A Y Winners!

Today’s the day, readers and friends! A Time For Adventure (The Abi Hensley Series Book 4) officially releases. It’s also the last day to purchase the e-book for the special price of 99 cents. The book is also available in paperback, as well as through Kindle Unlimited. Keep reading for a synopsis of A Time For Adventure and for the announcement of the giveaway winners.

The year is 1921, and after years of dreaming, Abi Hensley has set out to travel through Europe. Along with her friend Meg Clery, Abi travels from the rich historical sites in England, to the gorgeous green landscapes of Ireland, visits an abandoned castle in Scotland, and roams through the chic streets of Paris. Along the way, they meet a myriad of interesting people, encounter familiar faces, and see things they’ve only ever dreamed of.

Yet their time in Europe isn’t without its challenges. While in Ireland, Abi joins Meg in spending time at her family’s farm. There, they find that the Clerys are overwhelmed by the demands of their farm. In light of this, the family must make some hard decisions; choices that could change the course of their lives forever.

One thing is for certain; Abi’s tour of Europe will most definitely be a time for adventure.

Now it’s time to announce the winners of the giveaway! The readers who will receive a Kindle download of A Time For Adventure are:

Denise M.


Amanda S.

Congratulations winners!

And don’t forget that this is the last day to download Of Things To Come (The Abi Hensley Series Book 3) for free.

Thank you all for supporting this release and taking the time to spread the word. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

Happy reading!

–Miranda Atchley

A Charming Christmas Story | Review: A Tale of Two Hearts by Michelle Griep

by Michelle Griep

About The Book

My Thoughts

What a delightful book! I thoroughly enjoyed A Tale of Two Hearts. It boasts a charming setting, endearing characters, and a lovely message of grace and mercy. I loved heroine Mina. She was the definition of a sweetheart and her love of literature made me want to befriend her. At times, I wasn’t altogether sure about Will, but overall I think he was a decent hero. He made mistakes, but ultimately tried to fix them and had mostly good intentions. Uncle Barlow and Miss Whymsy were such charming characters–I loved those two! I love the Victorian era and I think it’s the perfect setting for historical Christmas stories. It provides such a cozy setting for this magical season. And I love the nods to Dickens. All of this made for a book that I loved and did not want to put down.

All in all, I think it’s plain to see that I enjoyed A Tale of Two Hearts. If you’re a fan of historical fiction and Christmas stories, then I highly recommend this book to you.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Shilo Run Press through Netgalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

F R E E E-Book!

Hello, reader and friends! I’m checking in with a quick post to let you all that starting today, my book, Of Things To Come (The Abi Hensley Series Book 3), is free to download. It’s the perfect time to try out The Abi Hensley Series before A Time For Adventure (The Abi Hensley Series Book 4) releases on Tuesday, June 26. And don’t forget that the A Time For Adventure Blog Tour begins today!

Happy reading!

-Miranda Atchley

A Favorite Setting with Strong Protagonists | Review: A Daring Venture by Elizabeth Camden

by Elizabeth Camden

About The Book

As a biochemist in early 1900s New York, Doctor Rosalind Werner has dedicated her life to the crusade against water-borne diseases. She is at the forefront of a groundbreaking technology that will change the way water is delivered to every household in the city--but only if she can get people to believe in her work.

Newly appointed Commissioner of Water for New York Nickolas Drake is highly skeptical of Rosalind and her team's techniques. When a brewing court case throws him into direct confrontation with her, he is surprised by his reaction to the lovely scientist.

While Rosalind and Nick wage a private war against their own attraction, they stand firmly on opposite sides of a battle that will impact far more than just their own lives. As the controversy grows more public and inflammatory and Rosalind becomes the target of an unknown enemy, these two rivals will face higher stakes than they ever could have known.

My Thoughts

My thoughts are somewhat torn on this book. There were parts of it that I enjoyed, and parts that I didn’t care for. What I did like was the heroine and hero. I like Rosalind because she’s a strong heroine, and also because she didn’t pretend to be perfect. She knew that she had made mistakes and didn’t try to pretend that she hadn’t, but for the most part she tried to correct them. And I liked seeing a woman doctor in the early 1900s, simply because you don’t see it done much in Christian fiction. I thought Nick was a good hero because he doesn’t put on airs and act pompous. He protects Rosalind and his sister, but he doesn’t act like some puffed up hero. And, of course, I love the setting of the book. It’s one of my favorite eras.

The things that I didn’t care for are the subtle faith theme and the fact that at times it felt just a bit too modern. I hate to be nitpicky, but I do wish the faith theme was more overt. And while I loved the setting and the research is well done, at times the writing seemed more modern than I care for.

All in all, I thought A Daring Venture was a good book. There were things here and there that I didn’t care for, but I liked the book for the most part.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

A Quirky Retelling of Sense and Sensibility: Review: Jane of Austin by Hilary Manton Lodge

by Hilary Manton Lodge

About The Book

Know your own happiness. You want nothing but patience - or give it a more fascinating name, call it hope.” ―  Jane Austen  Sense and Sensibility 

Just a few years after their father’s business scandal shatters their lives, Jane and Celia Woodward find themselves forced out of their San Francisco tea shop. The last thing Jane wants is to leave their beloved shop on Valencia Street, but when Celia insists on a move to Austin, Texas, the sisters pack up their kid sister Margot and Jane’s tea plants, determined to start over yet again. 

But life in Austin isn’t all sweet tea and breakfast tacos. Their unusual living situation is challenging and unspoken words begin to fester between Jane and Celia. When Jane meets and falls for up-and-coming musician Sean Willis, the chasm grows deeper. 

While Sean seems to charm everyone in his path, one person is immune – retired Marine Captain Callum Beckett. Callum never meant to leave the military, but the twin losses of his father and his left leg have returned him to the place he least expected—Texas.  

In this modern spin on the Austen classic, Sense and Sensibility, the Woodward sisters must contend with new ingredients in unfamiliar kitchens, a dash of heartbreak, and the fragile hope that maybe home isn't so far away.

My Thoughts

I love Jane Austen, and Sense and Sensibility is one of my favorite novels. These are the reasons I was interested in this book. Yet I had been a bit apprehensive, thinking this may turn out to be a southern romance, which is not my cup of tea. Thankfully, this book had enough quirkiness to keep it from feeling like a southern romance novel–rather, it’s simply a novel set in Austin (though I will say that at times it seemed like southerners were a bit idealized in the book). I think this novel sticks more with the original plot of Sense and Sensibility than some Austen retellings I’ve read. However, there were some things that I just didn’t care for. I wish Celia had played a bigger role in the novel. I love Elinor Dashwood and I wanted to see more of her character in this book. I didn’t have much of an opinion on Teddy because he played such a small roll in this book. I couldn’t stomach Sean Willis. I think he was even worse than Willoughby, and I didn’t think it was possible to find a worse literary character than him. For the most part, I liked Jane. Like Marianne, she’s quite dramatic and at times that got on my nerves, as did Marianne’s dramatics in Sense and Sensibility. The thing I liked the most about this book was the same thing I enjoyed in Jane Austen’s classic; the close relationship Jane and Celia have. I love that no matter what, they’re there for one another and will stick up for each other. And I loved Dash; he was the sweetest dog!

All in all, I thought Jane of Austin was a decent novel. It wasn’t what I was expecting and it isn’t my typical read, but I liked it for the most part.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbrook Press through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Where Trains Collide Blog Tour + G I V E A W A Y

Hello readers and friends! Today I bring to you an exciting post. Fellow indie author Amber Stokes is publishing her brand new novella, Where Trains Collide! Read further to learn more about the book and a fun giveaway.

About the Book

Inspirational Contemporary Romance Novella

Two hearts racing in different directions will meet where trains collide.

Burned out and disillusioned with her chosen career path, Trisha Knolane gives in to impulse and hops on a train bound for Oregon, eager to escape the stress of college for a few days. But what begins as a fun little adventure takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend is also on board.

All her hopes and dreams had once centered on Paul Benson. Now, when Trisha doesn't know where her current track will lead, Paul’s reappearance in her life only complicates matters and sparks difficult questions.

Questions that could change the course of her life.

A heartfelt and thought-provoking contemporary romance novella, Where Trains Collide faces the uncertain season of new adulthood head on and shows that sometimes a path of broken dreams can lead to life’s best destination.

My Review

Earlier this year, I received a  complimentary copy of Where Trains Collide from the author and reviewed this lovely novella. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to fans of clean, contemporary Christian romance. My review can be found here. 

Author Bio

Amber Holcomb (Stokes) is an indie author and freelance editor living below the majestic mountains of Montana with her adventurous husband. Previously, she worked in marketing for a Christian publisher for nearly three years. Her passion for books compelled her to earn a bachelor’s degree in English and now fuels her work with words in this new season of life.

You can learn more about Amber’s books, sign up for her author newsletter, join the Amber’s Gems street team, and more at www.SeasonsofaStory.blogspot.com.


In celebration of this new novella, enter for a chance to win a $15 Amazon.com gift card! Giveaway is open internationally (to anyone age 18 or older who can receive an Amazon gift card via email). Void where prohibited.

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Many congrats to Amber on her new release. And thank you, readers and friends, for stopping by and reading today. Happy reading!

-Miranda Atchley