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Book Of The Week #2 Reconstructing Natalie

Reconstructing Natalie
by Laura Jensen Walker*

Reconstructing Natalie is a book about twenty-seven-year-old Natalie who finds out that she has breast cancer.
The cover is what drew me to this one. I didn't fully understand it until I found out what the book was actually about, but I liked the vintage picture on the front. And it's pink.
This is your typical Christian chick-lit, but then it's not. Confusing, I know. Let me explain.
It has its cheesy moments, but really, what book doesn't? I have yet to find a novel that doesn't have at least one cliché scenario similar to something else in its genre. If you've read anything in the Christian chick-lit genre, you know what I mean. It has that typical lingo going on found in most books in this genre. Chocolate addictions are mentioned, things of that nature. And it has lots of heartwarming moments. So in that sense, it is your typical Christian chick-lit novel. But, to me it has a different feel. There are these little details peppered here and there that make it stand apart and come to life, something I really appreciate in novel writing. For instance, one of her friends is an ex-cheerleader who works at Nordstrom's while the other has pink hair one week, blue the next and is an artist. Natalie has a crush on Johnny Depp, watches Friends, and lives in the mother-in-law cottage in her parent's back yard. We could be best friends. And the writing is just awesome in this book. You can really get lost in it.
I feel like I should mention that there are a few moments when things get a little iffy. I mean, this is the tale of a woman with breast cancer- boobs are mentioned. But it isn't anything particularly vulgar and this isn't the main focus of the book. It's more about the spiritual aspect of facing a disease.
I also like how the author intertwines faith into this book. It just flows organically. Not like, "Well, I better say some stuff about God in here." It's more like God is at the core of this book.
I wound up enjoying the book more than I thought I would. It has hilarious moments, heartbreaking ones too, but it all ties together very well. And for that, I give it a 4 out of 5.

*Since I write young adult novels, I've decided to add a mark to specify a more mature novel. Most books I feature are Christian, but some are intended for an older audience. So if you're under 18, consult your parents before reading these picks.

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