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Hello, There

I've been a little absent around here lately, haven't I? Around the Holidays I decided to take a mini break with plans to throw myself back into writing and blogging and get lots of things accomplished after New Year's. Well, my plans didn't work out. My grandmother became very ill the first week of January and was hospitalized. She then was put on hospice and later passed away. It's really been a whirlwind, everything happening so fast. Like, one day she's driving to our house for Christmas Eve and then a few days later she's in the hospital. It's all been very sad. Fan is one of my very best friends. So for about a month I just felt pretty depressed and really didn't want to do much of anything. But in the last week or so, I've been slowly coming back around and working a little bit on a story, but I've mainly been working on blog posts. See, one of my goals for the New Year was to blog more. I had this weekly feature set up that I wanted to do called "Book Of The Week." I remember when Joshua S. Porter did this a few years ago. I always looked forward to it (even though he and I have much, much different taste) and thought it was a cool concept. Each week I would like to feature a different book that I've either read recently, or one that's been my favorite for a long time. I have a few books picked out already and posts started on them, just trying to figure out which one I want to feature first. I'm so glad that I'm starting to write more; I really am happiest when I'm writing. I had forgotten how satisfying it can be (hope I never forget that again.)
So Fan, here's to you. You always encouraged me and told me you were proud of my writing. I hope you still are. I love a whole bunch.


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