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Book of the Week #8- Amy Inspired

Amy Inspired*
by Bethany Pierce
     I feel like a lot of others do about Amy Inspired; conflicted.  Let me explain.
    Amy Gallagher is an English Lit/ Creative Writing professor at a college in Ohio, though her real dream is to be an author. She lives in a garage apartment with Zoë, who is also an aspiring author. Zoë 's friend Eli's apartment building is taken over by bedbugs, rendering him homeless, so Zoë invites him to live with her and Amy.
    It's a very well written book. There are times when the language can be a tad bulky, but nothing too major. The voice of Amy Gallagher is somewhat reminiscent of Gilbert Grape (whom people have declared the modern day Holden Caulfield). Someone who's frustrated; someone one who feels stuck in their life and is looking for something new.
    The whole struggling writer bit can be depressing to read you're an author/ aspiring author as well. You really feel the pain described in the book, if you know what I mean.
As most other reviewers have noted, this is labeled as Christian fiction, but it feels like "edgy" Christian fiction. It's a bit more blunt than most other Christian novels. The Christian message in this story is softly delivered, not quite so bold as most Christian novels. Touches here and there, with a gospel message thrown in toward the end.
    The romance in this novel is definitely there, but it is not overwhelming. Again, it is portrayed in a more subdued fashion than most would use, not hot and heavy and uncomfortable.
    The relationship between Amy and her roommate was a little odd as you drew near the end of the book. I felt like the two were close at the beginning, but then we find that they didn't feel that way and then when Zoë 's mom died they drew closer. The whole situation just left me a little miffed.
It may sound like I'm picking this book apart, but there is just something about it that I really enjoyed. I can't put my finger on it, but I did like this book.
    Overall, I think Amy Inspired is a decent read. At times I felt like putting it down and forgetting about it because, again, when you're an author, you do not want to read about how hard it is to be/ become one. But I found myself wondering what would happen and so I kept reading. Even though it didn't turn out the way I expected it to, I'm glad I did.
4 stars out 5 for Amy Inspired

*Since I write young adult novels, I've decided to add a mark to specify a more mature novel. Most books I feature are Christian, but some are intended for an older audience. So if you're under 18, consult your parents before reading these picks.

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