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A New Season

Ta-dah! My latest book, A New Season, is nearing completion and its debut. This is a sequel to my first novel, Stephanie's Story. If you've not read the first book, I feel like you could definitely get away with reading this and not feel confused, though there are pieces in A New Season that hint at some things from Stephanie's Story.
I'm so excited and ready for this to be released! I've been working on it since around August of 2014 while I was taking a break from Misfit Like Me. I really hope you all enjoy this book.
I think in some ways this book was a little harder to write than the others, but in some ways it wasn't hard at all. The hardest part was writing about someone who's living in a dorm when I myself have never lived anywhere but in a house in the woods. But other than that, I just did my thing, drawing a little from some events in my life and using my imagination for the rest.
So without further a-do, here is the summary of A New Season!

It's Stephanie Green's freshmen year of college and things aren't as easy as she thought they'd be. She shares a dorm room with her best friend Hayley, who's been acting a little strange lately. Stephanie's boyfriend is M.I.A and her sister Danielle is caught up in a whirl wind romance and getting ready to say "I Do." Add to all of this the stress of starting college, the uncertainty of what lies ahead, all the while trying to adjust to her new independence, and it seems like a recipe for disaster.
Stephanie's friends were there for her when she was in need. Can she do the same for them?
Growing up is not for the faint of heart in the sequel to Stephanie's Story, but it is a road not traveled alone.

I'm still in the final stages of editing, but the book is so close to being done! Info on a release date and links to purchase will be posted soon. Can't wait for you to read it!

-Miranda Atchley

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