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A Minor Bird by Sucre

A Minor Bird
by Sucre

A Minor bird is the debut album from Sucre, the side project of Stacy King of Eisley and Darren King of Mutemath. Released in 2012, the album shows different sides of both musicians. The album lies more on the pop side of music whereas Eisley and Mutemath fall into the indie rock genre. There's still that indie flair to the music that makes it unique and I love that. I'm not going to pretend I know much about music because I don't, especially pop music. I can hear influences of Adele in the way Stacy sings, Bjork on the song Light Up. There's some upbeat songs and more haunting tunes as well. It's a really beautiful album. I've been a huge fan of Eisley for a few years now, and I was skeptical of this album at first because it so different from what Stacy has done with Eisley, but the album has come to be one of my favorites. My favorite songs are "When We Were Young," "Chemical Reaction" and "Persuasion."
I thought it would be fun to list the eleven songs from the album along with my favorite lines from each. Maybe these delightful lyrics will tantalize you into giving it a listen?

Hiding Out
"You take it to heart when I don't even mean it | I'm dying for your love."

When We Were Young
"You say that you're leaving | That your hands are only dust | And the boy loves you, oh he loves you so much."

Troubled Waters
"Stuck in the ocean | Drowning by the mouth full | Deep in the stone well | Calling up the black hole."

Light Up
"There's some that I swear would change you but I don't care | And if the One in the sky would take you then I would cry."

Chemical Reaction
"Today I have a new chance | The inks wet as I think back | All I knew who could never be | When all I knew was the empty part inside of me."

Say Something
"Well it hurts | Is this what I deserve | Am I full of dirt | I curse the very day that we met | So now you'll go and lay in the bed."

"They say I don't deserve you | When it's true that I would prefer you | Over anyone's persuasion."

"So this time I make sure|  I really make sure | I'll never ever see you again | And in my days of loathing you still haunt me."

No Return
"How am I to face me | The embers have gone from my eyes."

 Endless Sleep
"Why is this all that I can hold in my hands | All these phrases and voices buried in snow."

The Cliff Waltz
"Why can't you stand up for me | Is it that hard Johnny | I want to see you smash open wide."

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you'll come to love A Minor Bird as much as I do. And I'm quite curious, what is one of your favorite albums? Let me know in the comments!

-Miranda Atchley

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