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Classic and Modern- Combining Writing Styles

  I've always loved reading classics. From the early eighteen hundreds to the mid nineteen hundreds, historical literature has been one of my favorite things. I'm particularly fond of the Victorian era. It just fascinates me and there's something about the way the books were written at that time that I adore. The words are so beautiful. It makes me feel cozy. I also enjoy the romance in classic novels much more than in modern pieces. It's more delicately portrayed and much less physical and cutesy. I like that.
   Yet I also enjoy the fast pace of some modern novels. I like them to lean on the quirky and satirical side more, though. In my new book, I want to combine modern and classic. I want there to be pieces of fast paced and witty dialogue, yet with the elegant air of an Austen or Bronte novel.
I don't really know of many other novels that try to combine these two styles and which makes it a little bit scary, but I'm confident that I'll be able to make it work somehow.
   I think it's important to remember to have fun while writing. Of course there are times when it is stressful, just like any other thing in life. And if this is your career, it needs to be taken seriously, but it's important to remember why we started writing in the first place. We need to remember why we love it. So even though writing as a career should be carefully crafted, don't forget to have fun and write what makes you happy.
-Miranda Atchley

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