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Getting Back To Normal- The Life of a Writer

   My writer's block is starting to let up. Now, I won't be so bold to say that it's totally gone, but it is getting better. I'm finally able to think of things to write. I started a brand new project that I'm loving. I won't spill the beans about it just yet, but I will say that I feel like God laid this story on my heart. The idea just came out of nowhere and the story is coming to me. Slowly, but surely. I really love it and it makes me feel good. It's like I'm beginning to get some of that itch to write back, like I can't stay away from the keyboard and I love that. As I'm planning things for this project, I'm remembering why I love my job.
   Thanks to God for helping me through this and thanks to the folks that prayed for me during this. You all need to keep praying for me and all the other authors out there because writer's block is tough!
   I hope you all have a good weekend. I won't be posting tomorrow because it is Sunday.
Thanks for reading!

-Miranda Atchley

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