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Reading and Writing 8/25/2015


  Today I went to the library. I was so glad to go. I got this sudden urge to go yesterday, thinking of two books I wanted to check out. I forgot one, and still can't think of it (note to self: write these things down next time. I mean, you do keep a little notebook in your purse at all times, after all.) but I remembered the other one. Our library is closed on Mondays so I had to wait until today. Most of the books I got were ones I'm referencing for inspiration for the project I'm working on right now. I'm trying to find inspiration for the romance aspect. I'm very picky about romance novels. I find a lot of modern romances to be unrealistic. I like romance to be delicate, awkward at times, with lovely moments because I just personally find that to be the most realistic. The main book I went to the library for was Amy Inspired. I know my review of it may sound like I didn't enjoy it, but I really did. It's a good inspiration for my current work in progress because my main character is stuck in a rut just like Amy. I also checked out some L.M. Montgomery books. I think it's fairly clear that she's one of my favorites and I look to her for inspiration often. Garden of Angels also made it into my pile. I read this a couple years ago and it was good. This is another book I'm using for inspiration. Go Set A Watchman came in today for which I had been on the waiting list. I'm excited to read that. 
   I went to the library planning on getting two, at the most three books and came out with a stack of six, which was quite difficult to carry. I have a problem. Yet in my defense, I really didn't plan on Watchman being there today.
(Dean gets it.)

  I worked on a post for a website. It isn't finished, but I sent an email to the editor pitching the idea. Here's to hoping they accept. I've also been working another post for my own blog to post either this evening or tomorrow. I did some work on my new novel as well.
  I'm planning on doing a book signing next weekend. The first Saturday of each month, our town holds what they call "Tradin' Days."  They block off Main Street and allow anyone to set up and sell things. Today I took my ad announcing I would be there to the newspaper where they agreed to place it in next week's paper. It was nerve wracking for someone who is shy, but I did it. I'm excited to do this. Even if I don't sell many books, I'm glad I'm finally taking a step and doing something I've always wanted to do. Trying to remember that I made an "A" in college speech and that I can totally do this whole talking thing if I just let myself relax a little and set my mind to it. Miss Turtle is slowly crawling out of her shell. 
  So that's reading and writing for me today. What did the 25th of August look like for you?

-Miranda Atchley

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