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Favorite Word Friday #2- Lovely

adjective love·ly \ˈləv-lē\
attractive or beatutiful
very good or likeable
very pleasing

  Can you say the word "lovely" and not feel.... lovely? I can't. To me it has a light and airy feel when you say it. It's as though your tone automatically eases and becomes more gentle as you say the word. You can't speak such phrases as listed below and be angry.
  It's a lovely day.
  This is a lovely book.
  His eyes are lovely.
  The word lovely always makes me think of 19th century literature, something that I love. They seemed to use it a lot back then. I think modern life would be better if we took time to appreciate the lovelier things in life, for there is an abundance of them.
  Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend full of writing, books and fun. Until next time,

-Miranda Atchley.

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