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Pick Me Ups- Writing When You're Running On Empty

  Yesterday I was feeling a little down. I was being down on myself and my career. I just felt very apathetic and wondered if any of it was worth the effort.
  And yet yesterday I got a lot of writing done. As in around twenty pages. It was amazing! And it felt so good. How I wish I could write twenty pages of brand new material every day. Or like in The Help when Skeeter Phelean wrote for fifteen hours straight. Can you imagine? Incredible.
God really knew what I needed yesterday. He used those twenty pages to pick me up and make me realize yet again that this is truly what I'm meant to do. He'll help me get to the places I need to be in His perfect timing. It just takes time.
  Hope you all are having a wonderful week full of writing, books and the things that make you happy. I'll see you later with more tales from a real writer's life.

-Miranda Atchley

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