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The Valley by Eisley

  I listened to Eisley for the first time when I was 17-years-old. It was late one summer night and I was too anxious about starting college to sleep . I had heard of Eisley before and decided in my state of sleeplessness to give them a listen. Typing their name into the search bar on YouTube produced a wealth of videos by the band, the first being Smarter. I fell in love with that first listen. Since then I've collected most of their discography and Eisely has become one of favorite bands of all time.
  The Valley is the fourth studio album by whimsical indie rock band Eisely. It came to be in 2011, four years after front woman Sherri's departure from her ex. Many of the lyrics deal with her divorce, yet there are some songs about falling in love again.
  Saying that The Valley is one of my favorite albums seems awfully trite. Smarter is my most played song in iTunes. No matter how many times I listen to this album, I never tire of it. It's seen me through some hard times and some good times, too. Simply put, I love this album.

The Valley
Real heartbreaker come and take me to the real heartache that everyone is talkin' 'bout | You see me then you don't | But get it right | I don't believe in magic

Even though I miss you, I'm thankful | It's obvious that this one was futile | So put your hands together and clap for the painful choice you've made cause it's right

Watch It Die
Fabulous teeth and a smile that'll melt your heart | Now come don't you know how to play?

Shifting from side to side | Can't make up his God-given mind, no | Why don't you just go? | She's waiting
Oxygen Mask
You're a ray, a ray, a ray | You're a sunbeam ray | But now you're turning grey | Don't tell me what you think I mean to say

Better Love
Cause I finally found out | You're on my side

I Wish 
And if I could, I'd just claim you

So be very kind | Don't let the world fall on your shoulders | If so hopefully | I would find you again

Mr. Moon
Recall | I want a recall | You are crying on my telephone | Bones crack and fingers blister | I might console you but look at my sisters | Brilliant like fireflies

I lost | All respect | Admiration | And trust | I was just following my heart


I need an ambulance | I took the worst of the blow | Send me a redeemer | Let me know | If I'm gonna be alright 

Thanks for spending your Saturday with me. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
-Miranda Atchley

P.S. Here's the video for Smarter, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful music videos ever made.

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