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14 Days of Halloween- Alice In Wonderland

Every year in October, I pull out a few movies that are either centered around Halloween or movies that are on the quirky side and remind me of Halloween. This year I thought it would be fun to write a post for each film and feature it here on the blog for 14 days. I hope you'll have fun reading along and feel free to comment with your thoughts on each film.

Today's movie is the 2010 remaking of Alice In Wonderland. It's safe to say that there will be plenty of Tim Burton around here these next couple of weeks, though there will be few films that he didn't work on featured, of course. So grab some popcorn and join the fun!

Alice In Wonderland
"I believe in six impossible things before breakfast."

Based on the beloved children's classic, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland is full of adventure, humor, and beauty. Now grown, Alice is forced to attend a ball where Hamish Ascot is planning to propose marriage to her. Nerved by the prospect, Alice excuses herself from the party and wonders to the garden where she follows a rabbit down a hole. There she finds a world that's been awaiting her return for quite some time in the hopes that she'll slay the dreaded Jabberwocky. The only problem is, everyone seems to think she's the wrong Alice.

Rating: PG
Alice: Mia Wasikowska
The Mad Hatter: Johnny Depp
The Red Queen: Helena Bonham Carter
The White Queen: Anne Hathaway
The Knave of Hearts: Crispin Glover
Matt Lucas: Tweedledee and Tweedledum
Absolem the Caterpillar: Alan Rickman
The Doormouse: Barbara Windsor
The White Rabbit: Michael Sheen
Hamish Ascot: Leo Bill

I can remember being sooo excited for this movie to be released back in 2010. It looked so pretty and colorful in all the commercials and ads. And if Tim Burton is part of a movie, I'm in. This movie did not disappoint. Though it may not be one of my all-time favorites, I still enjoy it, especially during this time of year. I love all the animals, the action, the scenery. It's just a lovely movie.
I remember a lot of people were upset that the movie focused a lot on The Mad Hatter, but anytime Johnny Depp is in a movie, it's to be expected that all eyes will be on him. Yet I think they still kept Alice the protagonist and did the movie well. And I must say that I think Johnny Depp did a very good job playing the cooky character of The Mad Hatter.

While the colorfulness of the film reminds me of springtime, I still think it's quite fitting for the Halloween season with all of its quirks and darker undertones. And who hasn't wanted to dress as either Alice, The Mad Hatter, or The Red Queen for Halloween!?

All in all, Alice In Wonderland is a fun film. It's pretty, funny and quirky. What's not to like?

I give this movie a 4 out of 5.

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