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14 Days of Halloween- Beetlejuice

"IIIIIIIt's show time!"

Young couple Adam and Barbara lives a big farmhouse in rural Connecticut. The two are desperate for children yet have not been successful. After another month with no luck, Adam suggests they take a vacation. On their way home from a trip to town, a dog runs in front of their car, causing them to swerve and drive into a lake. They later awake in their home, only to find that they are now ghosts whose beloved home is for sale. Enter the Deetz's. The family is comprised of business man Charles, his new artist wife Delia, and teenage daughter Lydia. Tired of the hustle and bustle of city life, Charles moves the family to rural Connecticut against Delia and Lydia's wishes. Adam and Barbara aren't too happy about it, either. As the Deetz's settle into their new home, Lydia reads The Handbook For The Recently Deceased and finds the ghosts in the attic, along with Beetlejuice.  She soon grows attached to the loveable couple which causes Adam and Barbara to think Lydia can help them get their beloved home back. Yet Beetlejuice is up to no good.

Rating: PG
Beetlejuice- Michael Keaton
Adam- Alec Baldwin
Barbara- Geena Davis
Lydia- Winona Ryder
Delia- Catherine O'Hara
Charles- Jeffrey Jones
Otho- Glen Shadix

Beetlejuice is definitely on my list of top ten favorite movies of all time. It's funny, it's quirky. I love the imagery. It's produced by Tim Burton. It's just a really fun movie. Looking back, it seems as though at seventeen my goal was to dress like Lydia Deetz. Seriously, I remember styling my dyed black hair in a half up style with my ponytail high on my head, and wearing lots of dark eye make-up with pale foundation. All of this combined with my mostly black wardrobe, it was quite the look. And it's kind of funny because that's what I've decided to be for Halloween this year after my plans of sewing my own Regency dress and going as Elizabeth Bennet didn't pan out.  

This movie is rated PG, though there are some scenes in it that are unsuitable for children. Beetlejuice says some curse words, there's some suggestive humor and there are some images that would frighten young ones.

Beetlejuice is the perfect movie for the Halloween season. It's full of cooky characters, funny scenarios and Tim Burton's signature fairytale-like Gothic styling. It's a movie I love and will watch time and time again.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

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