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14 Days of Halloween- Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride
On the eve of the wedding his parents have arranged between he and Victoria Everglot, Victor Van Dort takes a walk in the woods to practice the vows he can't seem to get down for the big day. As he slips the ring onto what he thinks is just a normal tree branch, he is surprised to find a corpse rising from the ground. Wearing a tattered wedding gown and veil, long deceased Emily says "I Do" to her new groom. Victor follows Emily to the underground, where all of her friends are happy that she has found love at last. And truth be told, Victor is feeling quite happy with Emily. Yet there's one problem; Victoria is expecting Victor to marry her in the morning.

Rating: PG
Johnny Depp- Victor Van Dort
Helena Bonham Carter- Emily
Emily Watson- Victoria Everglot
Tracey Ullman- Nell Van Dort
Paul Whitehouse- William Van Dort
Joanna Lumely- Lady Madeline Everglot
Albert Finney-Lord Finis Everglot

This is one of favorite movies. I would definitely place it in my top ten. I'm a fan of pretty much everything this movie has to offer. The Victorian setting, the tragically romantic storyline, the quirky characters, the music, the atmosphere. It's just such a fun movie. And I love the irony of the comparison between the world above and the underworld, how the latter is portrayed in a lively and vibrant fashion, whereas the above world is pale and dry.

Corpse Bride is definitely one of Tim Burton's finest pieces of work, a movie all of his fans are sure to enjoy. It's perfect for the Halloween season, or any other time of year, for that matter.

I give this movie a 5 out 5.

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