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14 Days of Halloween- Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows
Based on the 1960's soap opera, Dark Shadows is a reimagining of the Collins family.

After an estranged lover placed a spell on him, Barnabas Collins is now a vampire and has been sleeping in his grave for the last 200 years. He emerges from his tomb in 1972 to find some of his descendants now occupy his mansion in their lack-luster lives. Barnabas has plans of restoring the Collins family's good name, yet his old lover may put an end to it all.

Rating: PG-13
Barnabas Collins- Johnny Depp
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard- Michelle Pfeiffer
Carolyn Stoddard- Chloe Grace Moretz
Roger Collins- Jonny Lee Miller
Dr. Julia Hoffman- Helena Bonham Carter
Angelique- Eva Green
Victoria Winters- Bella Heathcorte

I have to admit, Dark Shadows isn't one of my favorites from Tim Burton. I enjoy the '70s setting, seeing the fashions and hearing the music of the time throughout the film. I think it's some of the characters that make me not like this film quite so much. Particularly Angelique and Helena. Angelique is so mean and just kind of gives me the creeps while Helena is quite cynical and depressing to watch. I suppose that's the effect they were going for, but it really just kind of ruined the movie for me. That and the whole introducing werewolves thing was quite reminiscent of Twilight, which I cannot stand.

This film is definitely not for young viewers. There's blood, death, drugs, drinking, sex, and inappropriate language. There are several scenes that even I am uncomfortable with and fast forward through.

All in all, Dark Shadows was not one of Tim Burton's best movies. It has a few good scenes and for those scenes I enjoy watching it on a rainy fall day, but there are plenty of things that I just skip over.

I give this film a 2 out 5.

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