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14 Days of Halloween- Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands
"And once there was even a man who had scissors for hands."

In suburbia all the neighbors know exactly what is going on in the pastel colored house next door. Yet there's a dark and brooding castle atop the hill that remains a mystery until Avon Lady Peg comes over to sell cosmetics. As she wanders through the castle, she finds a man hiding in a dark corner who has scissors for hands. His name is Edward and when asked where his parents are he replies, "They never woke up." Peg invites him home with her where her neighbors are fascinated by Edward and the masterpieces he creates with his scissor hands. He soon becomes a beloved addition to the neighborhood and a friend to all, including Peg's daughter Kim. Jealous of Edward, Kim's boyfriend looks for ways to sabotage Edward's squeaky clean reputation. One fateful night Jim finds success in his endeavors, wreaking havoc throughout the neighborhood.

Rating: PG-13
Edward Scissorhands- Johnny Depp
Kim- Winonna Ryder
Peg- Diane West
Bill- Alan Arkin
Kevin- Robert Oliveri
Anthony Michael Hall- Jim
Kathy Baker- Joyce

Edward Scissorhands is another favorite of mine. As this Halloween series has obviously suggested, I'm a huge Tim Burton fan as well as Johnny Depp. This movie is one of their best collaborations in my opinion, if not the best film the pair has done. The storyline is wonderful, the imagery, the acting is great. This movie is just good, and that's all there is to it. You really feel for Edward as he tries to navigate this new world he's been brought to and is tricked by one of its inhabitants.

Though Edward Scissorhands isn't a movie that I would label particularly vulgar, it is rated PG-13 for good reasons. There are some gory scenes toward the end, some suggestive humor and an instance between Edward and one of the neighbors that is quite steamy. Parents should be the ones to judge whether or not this film is suitable for their kids.

All in all, Edward Scissorhands is a wonderful movie and perfect for the Halloween season.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

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