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14 Days of Halloween- Frankenweenie

Victor's best friend is his dog Sparky. The two are inseparable, Sparky often starring in Victor's homemade movies and tagging along with Victor during his various science experiments. Yet one fateful day during a baseball game, Sparky is struck by an automobile, subsequently passing. Through promises of a new dog, Victor grieves, longing for his best friend. When his science teacher demonstrates the use of lightening in reviving the dead, Victor is inspired. Successfully he revives Sparky, yet not without some consequences.

Rating: PG
Victor Frankenstein- Charlie Tahan
Susan Frankenstein- Catherine O'Hara
Edward Frankenstein- Martin Short
Edgar- Atticus Shaffer
Elsa van Helsing- Winonna Ryder

This was a movie that I got really excited to see back in 2012. It looked so cute and fun and it did not disappoint. This was the last movie I actually saw in theatres (I'm not a huge fan of going to theatres). My mom and I went to see it in mid-October of 2012. I fell in love with it. I got a Frankenweenie journal and bracelet from Claire's for my birthday that year.

I think this is one of Tim Burton's best movies. It has elements of classic horror movies without being gory or scary. I love that it's black and white. It has all the makings of a great Tim Burton film. It's just a really good movie. In the 1980's, Tim Burton had directed a live action black and white short film named Frankenweenie. This film has only been released on the tenth anniversary edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is the copy I own. I have, It's still black and white, which I think is really neat. It just has a heartwarming quality to it. This is a movie that the whole family could enjoy this time of year.

Note: It's kind of funny to me that the main character looks similar to the main character in Corpse Bride, and both are named Victor.

All in all, Frankenweenie is a delightful film that people of all ages will likely enjoy. I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys Tim Burton movies or fun Halloween films.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5.

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