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Sifting Through Sadness by Rising Fawn

Sifting Through Sadness
by Rising Fawn
Sifting Through Sadness is the debut LP by Rising Fawn. It's preceded by the band's debut EP Everlasting Songs. I loved Everlasting Songs and so I was very excited to learn that Rising Fawn was releasing a new album on August 28, 2015.

My favorite lyrics from each song.....

I'm sleeping through pages | Through ages

Cedar Branches
For so long | You believed what they made of you | When you smiled | It was for them and not for you | I didn't know these words could reach that far to you | See how you can finally shed your tears | How you can finally say goodbye to your worst days

Jeremy Enigk
I'm holding up my searching hands | I'm giving up my plans | To be a living tone | A stroke among the billions | A vessel in motion

Sifting Through Sadness
We get so far then we stop and give up

(Instrumental- no lyrics)

Wake Up
When the sunlight hits my window | I'm still warm without you here | If the rain falls through your window | I'm still warm without a care

Of All The Charms
Loveliest of all the charms | Come listen to the wisdom in her heart

Ours For Taking
Not giving up | Not making a fuss | I fight for you | Hold tight to this love | When the going gets rough | Faithful and true

Forsaking Calamity
We climb up to the rooftops | Collaborating new things | Ropes for every tire swing | Celebrating young dreams

(Instrumental- no lyrics)

My favorite songs on this album are: Cedar Branches, Jeremy Enigk, Sifting Through Sadness, Wake Up, and Forsaking Calamity

Sifting Through Sadness is a more experimental album than Everlasting Songs. There's still some of the basic sounds that can be found on Everlasting Songs, though on songs like Wake Up and Of All The Charms there's some '60's folk elements and Specter contains experimental guitar sounds that give off a sort of Sci-Fi feel, which is really neat. Hempstead compiles elements of most of the songs and is kind of all over the place, though it flows together well. Though Sifting Through Sadness doesn't quite contain the fairytale element that Everlasting Songs holds, it still has that whimsical, ethereal feel Rising Fawn is known for. I'm a fan of both albums for different reasons because they are different albums. If you're a fan of Chauntelle and have listened to her in Eisley and Rising Fawn, then you more than likely appreciate this album. I also liked hearing Sherri and Max on Forsaking Calamity. So fun.

All in all, Sifting Through Sadness is a good album that I already listen to often. I would recommend it to anyone who likes experimental/ indie music.

I give this album a 4 out of 5.

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