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Book of The Week #19- While You're Awake

by Amber Stokes

Ava's rental home has been invaded by one of her greatest fears, honey bees. Day and night, she can hear the buzzing of their wings, taunting her by their presence. Seriously tired from the lack of sleep her unwanted guests have caused, Ava packs up her laptop and heads to the coffee shop, Coffee by Angels, to sip a moccachino, get some freelance editing work done and maybe clear her head. While at the shop, Ava meets Keegan, or as she soon comes to call him, Angel Boy. Keegan knows something is wrong with Ava, whom he dubs Tired Girl, and knowing a thing or two about fear himself, just wants to help.

This was a really nice read. Seeing as it's a novella with around 50 pages, I was afraid I would miss the details and there wouldn't be much to the story, but I still felt like I knew these characters, which I love. Amber really has a way with words in which by saying little, she says it all. Though this novella is short, it still satisfies.

The romance in this story is well written. It's sweet and light, which gets an A++ in my book. I much prefer sweet romance to hot and heavy. And I like that there's just a tad bit of suspense as Ava deals with the honey bees, her greatest fear. There's just a touch of it and it helps to round out the story.
Honestly, this is one of the prettiest covers I've ever seen. Usually I'm not one for couple covers, but this one is gorgeous. I love the sunlight, the way Ava and Keagan look so happy together, Ava's dress, and Keegan reminds me so much of Gilbert Blythe (inside and out!).

All in all, While You're Awake is a delightful, quick read that any fan of Christian contemporary romance is sure to love.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.

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