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Combinations by Eisley

Combinations is the second studio LP by Eisley. It was released on August 14, 2007 by Warner Bros.

I became a fan of Eisley about three years ago when I first heard the song Smarter. Since then, they've become one of my most favorite bands and I've slowly collected the majority of their discography. It may not be my favorite album by the band, but I do enjoy it. It's got the same creative spin that all Eisley albums hold, with a few different twists. Songs like "Many Funerals" and "Invasion" have a darker sound while "Combinations" has a very mysterious sound. A lot of the songs remind me of some classic novels. Like I always think of I Capture The Castle when I listen to "Go Away." "Ten Cent Blues" has a bit of an Alice In Wonderland feel to it, "I Could Be There For You" reminds a lot of fans of the Bennet sisters in Pride and Prejudice and "If You're Wondering" reminds me of Wuthering Heights.

The songs include:

Many Funerals
Young and agile | Seaside born | My parent's here I dear mourn

Something's not right | I can feel it inside | Something's not right

Taking Control
When we get down | If we get down | We'll get up again

Go Away
Go away | Go away | Leave me on my own

I Could Be There For You
You'll never contemplate that I am near | And help goes unseen | You're the cave admitting whom you chose | And I could be there for you

Come Clean
Mr. Heart I don't believe in you | Just come clean all around me | With your head bleeds and your nose bleeds, too
Why do you wanna fall to pieces?

Ten Cent Blues
And I looked to see that it was she | Just some abandoned little crook like me | Adieu , adieu and fare thee well | This was the ending plead

A Sight To Behold
Let's break the walls down and found how to live | Cause you and I have so much to give

Pass the evening | Bring tomorrow | How could we know | The night would bring us into daylight | Combinations all around us

If You're Wondering
If I'm wondering then you'll show me | If you're wondering I know

My favorite songs on combinations are: Go Away, I Could Be There For You, Come Clean and Ten Cent Blues

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by.

-Miranda Atchley 

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