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Book of The Week #25 "The Christmas Dog"

by Melody Carlson

Betty Kowalski hates her neighbor. Perhaps hate is a strong word, but she really can't stand to see the way Jack Jones has torn the beloved home of her longtime friends and neighbors apart after they had taken such pride in its appearance. And when the little dog that's been spotted in Jack Jones's yard starts coming over for visits, Betty really is ticked. She is so upset that she's almost made up her mind to sell her house after the holiday season. Yet when her missing granddaughter Avery takes refuge at Betty's miles from her home in Atlanta, Avery grows attached the little dog that keeps coming to Betty's. Perhaps she shouldn't be so hasty in her decision to leave.....

The Christmas Dog was a nice story. I think I enjoyed it the most out of all of Melody's Christmas books I have read thus far. It's similar to The Christmas Cat in that the dog is used to bring people together, yet that is where the similarities end. This is not a romance novel. It focuses more on Betty's life and her relationships with her family and neighbors. It's quite a relatable novel as a lot of people dealing with the loss of a loved one or other family members simply not being there can cause one to feel like a Scrooge. Yet it is nice to see how Betty takes her cares to God and that God brings her granddaughter, a loving little dog, and a misunderstood neighbor into Betty's life just in time for Christmas.

All in all, The Christmas Dog is a nice, heartwarming story that anyone looking for an uplifting holiday read would enjoy.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.

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