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by Eisley
Currents is the fourth LP by Eisley. It has a very aquatic theme that I really enjoy; a lot of people call this album mermaid music and I love that. And really, I can totally picture a mermaid listening to this album. I enjoy the sea theme to the music on this album; it's very calming and soothing, making it great to listen to on stressful or sad days.
The lyrics to this album are quite different than previous Eisley albums. Don't worry; you still get that trademark whimsy that comes with all of Eisley's albums, but I feel like the lyrics are deeper than on previous albums. On songs like Millstone you hear Chauntelle wonder about life and how short it can seem, yet how it also seems like time is moving in slow motion. I really love this album.

I would part the waters if you said so | I would shift the current if you had to row

Blue Fish
When I was young | Oh, I found you in my heart | Oh, I found you in my smile

Drink The Water
I come from where you come from | I've seen what you've seen

Save My Soul
Swinging from the background | Swelling from beneath | What was in the darkness blooming under me | Rising from the ashes | Waking all the dead | Tearing through the sadness | Ringing through my head

Tell me why I'm discontented | Will I die without the details in my hands | I feel these vines surrounding my heart | I fear I'm moving at a slower pace again

Real World
And let's face it love | I'm a wreck without your help

Wicked Child
Wait for a minute | Just don't toss me away | I'll be down in the trees | Just begging you please

Find Me Here
I'm a watchtower in the morning | Waiting for the sun to rise | I've got riverbeds in my eyes | I'm a bonfire on a hillside | The wind whistles sharp through my teeth | I've been burning oil walking the streets and I'm crying

Wonder English
I will never let them tear us apart | No I will never

Lost Enemies

I have heard it said that you are a dancing crew | Who saved the world in thirty three

The Night Comes
When the night comes | I'll be the one with torches | I'm shining on | And when your head hits the bed | That I'm lying on | I'll be your watcher through the night

One day I will be safe | But for now you are my shelter

My favorite songs on Currents are: Blue Fish, Save My Soul, Millstone and Find Me Here

Hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you for stopping by. Talk to you soon.

-Miranda Atchley

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