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by Merriment
Sway is the debut LP by Merriment. You might recognize the last name of its members, Christie and Collin DuPree. That's because they're the siblings and cousins of Eisley, a band I dearly love. And with Sway, I've come to dearly love Merriment as well. This album is so beautiful. Christie's voice is so lovely; angelic, really. Everyone says it because it's true. And the music is amazing too. Each song is different; no two tunes sound the same and I really like that because it keeps things fresh. It isn't as though you're listening to one 40+ minute song. If you were to ask me which genre this album falls under, I would say indie/folk with some subtle pop influences here and there.
Listed below are the songs on Sway as well as my favorite lyrics from each song.

Take Heart
Break everything | Break my heart | Don't listen to me | You tell me not to but I do

Tremendous Love
Well maybe I can mend you | Taking on this mental load

Watch me wading in the dark deep | And staring silently at my feet

Now I'm Silver
Living on my own gold now | Wave a north wind | Now I'm silver | Taking off my old soul | Emptiness will never hold all the growing

Boy you've got that sparkle I wanted, hope and pray I'd find | So much for loving you madly | Wonder which way you will go | Dragging my heart along with you | And I just had to tell you I tried and tried | But time goes by and now I hold my tears inside

Two Worlds
So now we're caught between two worlds | And you and I become the door

Your heart is kind | Well it makes a pattern with mine

I'll never fake a smile just to please you | Wishing for the wishing well

Nothing To Lose
I've been taking second chances from you like I had nothing to lose | But oh, I lost myself

Down by the Creek
They say you've been living up the street | Well, I'm sorry, boy, yes indeed | Back from the war and down by the creek | Well a sorry ain't what you need | Heard you've been trying to tell the truth | Well I think I've 'bout had it with you

Right Again
And I can't remember what time it was | That I'm supposed to be here | I'm late for love

If I tried to measure my whole heart | In something uneven | It sways your way

My favorite songs on Sway are: Take Heart, Somehow, Now I'm Silver, Backwards, (absolute favorite on this album!) Down By The Creek (close second)

All in all, I think Sway is great album that fans of indie/folk music would enjoy.

Thank you for reading! See you next time.

-Miranda Atchley

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