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Beta Readers

Editing is in full swing. I've gotten a lot done lately. My mom has read the book over and pointed out things that looked as though they needed to be fixed. My dad will read it soon and so will my sister-in-law. I know a lot of people think you must hire a professional editor and yes, I think that is a good idea, but being an independent author, my budget doesn't really allow that right now. So, I call on friends and family to look the book over and give their opinions. After all, they're readers; they know how a book should read and notice when things don't look quite right.

I'm pretty thankful for my beta readers; not every person's parents and sisters would be willing to look over a book for them. And if they asked me to, I'd do the same for them in a heartbeat.

Hope you're all having a great week. Tomorrow I'll be brining you two posts; Favorite Word Friday and the second discussion post for the Little Women read along. See you then!

-Miranda Atchley

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