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Little Women Read Along Discussion #1

Happy Wednesday! Today is the first blog discussion for the Little Women read along. I've been having a blast with this. Here are my answers to this week's set of questions hosted by Suey.

1: What's your opinions so far about each of the girls? Do you identify more with one or the other of them? Do you like them, or do they get on your nerves in a way? Which one do you think would be your friend?
2: What do you think of Mrs. March aka. Marmee? What's one of your favorite pieces of advice or lessons she's taught the girls so far?
3: Do you think that the characterization of these girls and this family is realistic? Explain.
4: What's your favorite scene or incident so far? And why?
5: If this is your second (or third etc.) time reading this story, what stands out to you this time?
6: If this is your first time reading this story, is it meeting your expectations? Or is it different than expected? Explain.
7: How do you feel about Jo cutting off her hair? Was this incident surprising to you? Do you think it's symbolic of anything?
8: What's your feeling about the inclusion of poems, letters, stories, plays and etc. into the story? 
9: Any thoughts in particular on the male characters in this story?
10: Are you liking this reading experience? If yes, why? If not, why?

1- My opinions of the March sisters are..
Meg- she can be vain and a bit superficial, but also has her moments of sweetness and is a very maternal person.

Jo- a girl after my own heart! She has a mind of her own and doesn't care what anyone thinks of her except her family. She's rough around the edges but has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to her sister, even Amy. She works hard at her writing and is someone I greatly look up to.

Beth- one of the sweetest souls I've ever heard of. She's the kind of person you just can't help but love because she is just the sweetest girl in the world.

Amy- a bit vain and superficial too mixed with a bit of Jo's quick temper. Though she isn't my absolute favorite of the sisters, I still appreciate her as a part of the March family.

2- I love Marmee. Granted, I don't feel like there are many women in the world like her, but the world would probably be a better place if there were. I love her advice to Jo about her temper and I love how she teaches the girls to be good wives and moms if they choose that life, but that it isn't a requirement that they marry.

3- At first glance, I would almost say no. They seem too squeaky clean to be realistic. But once you take the time to really read the story, you come to see that they are all flawed, even Marmee claiming that she is where Jo gets her quick temper.

4-  There are lot of scenes that I love. I love the description of the sisters at the beginning, especially
the quote about Beth even though it makes me want to cry. Jo cutting off her hair was nice because it showed how much she loved her family. And the party scene where Jo and Meg meet Laurie has always been a favorite.

5- This is my second time reading Little Women, but my first time to read the full version. Having read an abridged copy before, I definitely notice how very detailed this book is! I love getting to read all these beautiful golden nuggets throughout this book that were not in the abridged version I read at 15.


7 I wasn't surprised about Jo cutting off her hair because I had read the book before and I can't remember if it surprised me the first time I read it or not. I'm sure that was very scandalous in the 1800s as short was not the fashion in those days. I think it represented how much she loved her family; she cared so much for her father's well-being that she got rid of her "one beauty."

8- I think it's nice to see their poems and stories, though they do get a bit lengthy at times.

9- Oh yeah, I have lots of thoughts on the guys! Haha! Laurie is the best. He's funny and a bit pesky, but he would do anything for the March's. I like when romances start out as friendships because I thinks it's important for couples to be friends more than anything. And though John Brooke isn't my absolute favorite, I think there are moments in which he proves to be a nice guy and good for Meg.

10- I am loving this reading so far! I love reading a more in-depth version of this beloved classic and I love getting to chat with others online about it. I've never participated in a read along before and really don't get many opportunities to talk books with others so this has been a wonderful experience for me.

So there are on my thoughts on this read along so far! If you're participating in the read along, feel free to comment below; I'd love to hear what you have to say! Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to talk to you all more about this fantastic read.

-Miranda Atchley


  1. Laurie is one of my favorite characters of the book. I love the friendship he develops with the girls. Congratulations on participating in your first read along!

    1. Laurie is definitely a favorite of mine, too. Thank you so much, Amy! It's been a blast.

  2. Like you, this is my first time reading the unabridged version of Little Women. I'm loving the extra details too.

    I'm planning on reading the unabridged versions of all four books in the series to round out this readalong.

    1. It's hard to believe how many things got left out in the abridged versions. Louisa May Alcott was so talented and I feel like those version really played down how wonderful her writing was.

      That's a good idea! I remember reading some of Little Men and Jo's Boys a long time ago, but can't remember if they were abridged or not. But after reading this it would be nice to read the others. Thanks for stopping by, Brona! Loved talking to you.

  3. I love your opinion on all of the sisters! Very observant and very true!

  4. Great answers! I'm glad this has been a good experience so far! Thanks for joining us! I love Laurie as well! And I agree that at first glance the girls seem too good to be true, but as you get to know them, they are flawed and regular people. I liked your breakdown of the March girls. I agree with everything!

    1. Right there with you, Kami! This has been great and it makes me want to do another read along when this one is over. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Like you, I don't think the girls are too good. I think they are meant to be a bit stereotypical, so that they can each learn a certain lesson. But it's great to see that so many readers can relate to one or the other sister and see some of their own siblings in them. One sign that this book deserves its status as classic, in my opinion. (Now, if only some of Marmee's patience would rub off on me....)

    1. Exactly. Times were a lot different back then, so kids probably were better behaved than they are now, but we still see lots of different sides to the March sisters. And yes, it would amazing to have the patience of Marmee! Thank you for stopping by! It was nice to hear from you. :)

  6. All the little nuggets are awesome, I agree! I need to get caught up on the reading again and find some more to share on Twitter!

    1. I have highlighted more passages in this book on my Kindle than in any other other book I have on there. I looooove books like that that have those beautiful quotes that stir your soul. Can't wait to chat with you and the rest some more about this lovely read! :)

  7. I'm glad you're enjoying the read-along. I really like your answers to these questions. I like the insight they give past my own thoughts.

    1. Thank you, Jenni! I appreciate that. It's nice to hear from you!


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