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Little Women Read Along Discussion #2

Today we're discussing chapters 18-33 of Little Women. Today's discussion questions were written by Kami.

Discussion Questions:

1.    What would be your dream cast for the March sisters (Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy), Marmee, Laurie, and whoever else you'd like to cast.

2.    How do you feel about Meg and Mr. Brooke's relationship?

3.    How do you feel about Jo's reaction to Meg getting married?

4.    The girls are growing up and changing, do you feel differently towards them now than you did at the beginning?

5.    Two important men were introduced in these chapters. What are your impressions of Mr. March and Professor Bhaer?

6.    Do you think it was fair that Amy got to go to Europe instead of Jo?

7.    What are your thoughts on the time period and setting of the book? Do you like it? Why do you think a very important historical event like the Civil War is hardly mentioned in the story?

8.    Louisa May Alcott supposedly patterned the March sisters after herself and her own sisters. How accurate do you think she portrayed her family? Do you think a lot of the book is an idealized version of her and her sisters?

9.    Why do you think Louisa May Alcott later added Part 2 to the book?

10.    What is your favorite adaptation of Little Women and why?

My Answers:

1: I actually really like the cast from the 1994 version. I think all of them did a very good job and really wouldn't change it. I never would have pegged those actors for Little Women, but they all did a really great job. (I know many people aren't too keen on Christian Bale as Laurie because Laurie is described as half Italian, but come on, it's Christian Bale! Haha!)

2: At first I just wasn't too sure about Mr. Brooke. He seemed a bit too old for Meg, but I think after they were married I started to see him as the right kind of guy for who Meg is.

3: I can relate. I didn't have sisters growing up, but I had a cousin I was quite close to that was a few years older than me. When she started dating and eventually married, it was hard because it meant we were growing up and things couldn't be the same as when were younger.

4: Yes, I think especially Meg and Amy. Both seemed to grow up and focus on more important things the further the book went. For Jo, especially with Beth's illness, and when she's getting to know Mr. Bhaer, we see more of her soft side. Beth is still the same sweet and wise person she always was.

5: I feel like we don't see a whole lot of Mr. March, but the bits we do see he seems like a nice dad. I like Mr. Bhaer. True, he's no Laurie, but he seems like a nice guy and encourages Jo in the right ways.

6: At first I would say no, because Jo had been dreaming of Europe all her life. But later, we see that it really is for the best, for more than one reason.

7: I like the setting, but it's true that the war isn't an integral part of this story. I think it's because the book is more about the lives of the March sisters and the lessons they learn.

8: From what I've read, I think it stays pretty true to Louisa's life with her sisters. I know there are some differences, but I think she had troubles with her sisters and loved her sisters just the way the March's do. It's likely that it was idealized, but I think a lot of the basics remain true.
9: I think she added it so we would know what happened! Big things happen in part two and it really rounds out the story.

10: The 1994 version, for sure. Several years ago, before I even knew there were film adaptations of the book, I found a copy of the miniseries that aired in the 1970's at Walmart. I liked it when I first watched it. But then last Christmas I received the 1994 version as a gift and it is so much better. The look of the film is much better, the actors did a fantastic job, they're all believable as their respective parts (meaning they look similar to how they're described and they're around the same age as their characters) and it's just so much better. And now that 70s version just seems so silly! The acting was terrible. All the sisters had blue eyes and blonde hair and were much older than the March sisters. The guy playing Laurie was in his 30's and had light hair and blue eyes and wasn't dressed appropriately. The guy playing John Brooke gave me the creeps. It's just bad. Okay, rant over.

Favorite quotes from chapters 18-33:

"He that is down need fear no fall,
He that is low no pride.
He that is humble ever
Shall have God to be his guide." -Chapter 22

"You've got me, anyhow. I'm not good for much, I know, but I'll stand by you, Jo, all the days of my life." -Laurie, Chapter 23

"What can you expect when I have four gay girls in the house and a dashing young neighbor over the way?" -Marmee, Chapter 24

"....and life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom." Chapter 24

Other Thoughts:

I'm still loving this read along. I've gotten a bit ahead and am now in chapter 42, almost finished. I don't want it to end! But this has been a really fun experience and I'm glad I found out about this read along.


  1. Good answers! I guess I just didn't see that Jo was that interested in Europe in the book. In the movie she was crushed, but it didn't even seem like it was even mentioned in the book until all of the sudden Amy was going to go and Jo was all upset. The movie made it sound like the Aunt had been stringing Jo along with going to Europe all along and then at the last changed her mind to take Amy instead. Then yes, Jo had a right to be upset and disappointed and then I would say it wasn't fair. I guess that the answer would then have to be referenced to the movie or the book. I thought Mr. March was not very present in the book. Although I think he did give Jo a bit of good wisdom like Marmee does. But really he seemed more in the background.I'm definitely looking forward to watching the 1994 version of the movie. I like your quotes too. I'll have to be more diligent in marking the things I like next time and include them in my answers as well :)

    1. I see where you're coming from, Julie. The book doesn't mention Jo's hopes of Europe like the movie does and it portrays Aunt March's decision differently so it can cause different reactions. And I agree that Mr. March does give Jo some good advice, which is nice to see. :)

      Thank you for stopping by! Loved hearing from you.

      -Miranda Atchley

  2. I really enjoyed the casting in the 1994 movie as well. I also think Meg and Amy mature the most in this section. Great answers!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I agree 100% on the casting; wouldn't trade them for anyone else.

      Thanks for stopping by! It was nice to hear from you. :)

      -Miranda Atchley

  3. I've been wondering about that 70's Tv series. As a kid I thought it wasn't too bad at the time. Anyone over 15 looked old to me back then, so I don't remember the age of the actors as being a problem! But I thought I remembered the European scenes with Amy as being particularly good. Although now I've actually been to Europe myself, I would probably see this very differently now!

    I always get frustrated with movie versions for how abridged they have to be. All 3 select some different scenes - one of the black and whites does a lovely scene with Beth, Mr Laurence and the kittens.

    1. I think I felt the same way when I first saw the miniseries, too Brona. It was fun just to have a film adaptation of Little Women. But when I compare it with the 1994 version...... I just can't.lol

      And I hear you on the movies being abridged, especially with a book like Little Women that is quite long and has so many details. I've been curious about the black and white versions. I'd like to see one sometime.

      Thank you for stopping by, Brona! I enjoyed hearing from you.

      -Miranda Atchley

  4. I loved your thoughtful answers! This was fun to read, and I love the pictures you included. I didn't know anyone complained about Bale being Laurie. I thought everyone loved him. I really like the 1994 version as well. I hope you'll be joining our watch along!

    1. Thank you Kami! You don't hear it very often, but every now and then I see someone comment that they aren't a fan of Christian Bale as Laurie. I, however, think he did a wonderful job.

      I'm soooo looking forward to the watch along! I can't wait. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Kami! Loved hearing from you.

      -Miranda Atchley

  5. I'm really glad you've enjoyed the read-along. I've only seen the 1949 movie, but it was a long time ago so I don't remember it very well. I really enjoyed reading your answers!

    1. Thanks Jenni! Like I said on your blog, I really think you'll enjoy the 1994 film. At least I know I like it (which this post has made obvious to the entire world haha!)

      Thank you for stopping by! It was nice to hear from you.

      -Miranda Atchley


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