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Room Noises

by Eisley
Room Noises is the debut album by Eisley, released in 2005. It consists of 12 whimsical songs in an indie rock style. I love this album. True, it isn't my absolute favorite by Eisley, but it is so good. I love the whimsical feel that the songs hold, especially ones like Marvelous Things and Brightly Wound. It's a record that I will listen time and time again.

It's beautiful things that spring from these roads | With they're beautiful names and musical sounds

Telescope Eyes
I wonder why can't you see | You're just not near enough like me | With your telescope eyes | Metal teeth | I can't be seen with you, you see

I Wasn't Prepared
When the day is blue | I'll sit here wondering about you

Golly Sandra
Oh you are my scar and that's not very far

Marvelous Things
I followed a rabbit through rows of mermaid entwined shrubbery | Oh, what marvelous things | But they are giving me the creeps
Brightly Wound
I shall never grow up | Make believe is much too fun | Can we go far away to the humming meadow?

Lost At Sea
Congratulations cause we've made it | All the way home | And you know that until the stars fall | I'll always love you

My Lovely
Here's a song for you lovely | Remember that it is for you only | My heart was caught in a landslide | But now it feels for you only

Just Like We Do
Dear did you know | That people love each other | Just like we do | Just like they do

Plenty of Paper
And wouldn't we be attractive riding in our shiny motor cars | With eye glasses full of stars | And plenty of paper for scenery paintings

One Day I Slowly Floated Away
Hard to foresee the future | Our bodies are growing thin | Glimpsing the peeling paint of glimmers his ivory chin | You've got a lot of nerve coming here you're eyes are beating rhythms way | Faster than the speeding bullet that took the life of your radio

Trolley Wood
Gone for the day to the trolley wood | I've gone for the day to the trolley wood | The trolley wood is taking me away

My favorite songs on Room Noises are: Memories, Golly Sandra, Marvelous Things, Brightly Wound, Plenty of Paper, and One Day I Slowly Floated Away

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