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"A Castle in the Sky" Update #3

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your week is off to a good start.

This is probably going to be the last update I'll give before A Castle in the Sky comes out. It seems crazy to say that, but the release date is April 26 and that's coming up really quickly. Really, I'm aiming at having everything finished during the first week of April so that there's time for the books to be printed and shipped to my house for people who buy them locally.

Not much has changed since my last update. We're still editing, making sure that everything is where it needs to be so that it reads as smoothly as it can. You wouldn't believe how much time editing takes, but it is super important because you want things to be just so. This is where you prepare the book for others to read and so it takes a lot of time.

I love this book. I'm so excited about it. It really makes me happy and I just really feel in my element in historical fiction. I just love the genre so much! I'm so excited for you all to read this book, but at the same I'm kind of sad that I won't be working on this novel anymore. But I don't think this will be the last time I'll be hearing from Abi and I'm happy about that.

Next week I'll be posting a preview of the book here on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

It won't be long until A Castle in the Sky is here. I'm so looking forward to hearing what you all think of it once you read it!

Also, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that downloaded a book over my weekend sale. It means a lot to me and I'm very grateful for you all. 

Until next time.....

-Miranda Atchley

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