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Book of the Week #35 "Anne of Green Gables"

by L.M. Montgomery

I've already written a post about my love for Anne of Green Gables and the franchise, but seeing that this is my favorite series of all time, I definitely wanted to feature each book in the weekly installment, Book of the Week. Hope you enjoy!

Anne Shirley has been an orphan since she was a young child. Throughout her young life, she has been sent to numerous homes, most of which were run by women whom had an abundance of children (Anne claiming she always gets stuck with twins) and Anne was left to care for them. After the man of the home she has been living in most recently died, she has been sent to an orphanage.
Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are brother and sister who never married. They've spent their lives caring for their family home, Green Gables. Yet they're now getting on in years and find they need help with their farm. They send word with a neighbor who is to adopt a child from the orphanage that they would like to adopt a boy, around the age of eleven. Yet when Matthew goes to pick up their boy, he's surprised to find a red haired girl who immediately begins talking his ear off. As they drive back to Green Gables, the shy and reserved Matthew happily listens to talkative Anne's ponderings. Yet Marilla isn't too thrilled with the mistake. After Anne pleads with her, Marilla decides she will let Anne stay until she can find a new home for her. A neighbor has recently lost her husband and is left with a house full of children, but when Marilla takes Anne to meet her, she knows there is no way she can leave the girl with the woman. She decides that Anne can stay, as long as she is good.
Throughout the years, we see Anne get into mischief unintentionally, her temper cause her issues, and watch as she wins the hearts of those around her. She finally finds the "bosom friend" she's always longed for in Dianna Barry and a rival in Gilbert Blythe. She thrives in school, dreaming of writing and finding a man who "isn't really wicked, but could be if he wanted to."

I think the appeal of Anne Shirley is that she's so relatable. Who hasn't felt lonely and longed for a friend? All of us have felt excluded at some time. And all of us have had our obstacles to face like Anne with her temper. She's imperfect and that's why we're drawn to her. We see something of ourselves in her. And you can't help but love the girl who's always finding beauty in the things around, eloquently defining those she loves best.

I give this book a 5 out 5.

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  1. Don't get me started on Gilbert!! :) Anne is so relatable, especially her cooking misadventure! Her being a writer and all made me feel like I was reading a book about myself, a hundred years back in time. Loved it!

    1. Oh, I know@ Gilbert is tied with Laurie from Little Women for the best book guys ever. And yes; the mouse in the plum pudding is one of the most memorable parts of AOGG; something I could see myself getting into. It's nice to read about other writers, isn't? Really gives you someone/something to relate to.

      Thanks for stopping by to chat, Amber! Have a lovely day!

      -Miranda Atchley

    2. Gilbert & Laurie are the best! :) I wish Jo and Amy could have been one character, that would have solved everything!! Glad Anne got with Gilbert and not that Morgan guy she almost got with. It would've ruined the whole deal, wouldn't it?

      Wish you a fantastic day too, Miranda!

    3. Oh goodness, yes! No Morgan! Anyone but Gilbert would have just been wrong. And that is a very interesting observation on Jo and Amy. I never thought of it that way, but it's something to think about. Good thinking Amber!

      -Miranda Atchley

    4. Thank you, Miranda. Perhaps it could make a good adaption novel idea for someday! :) And have Meg and Beth being the same person as well, so sad seeing Beth die. Professor Bhaer could marry Hannah ;) hehe

    5. Beth's death was so sad. That is a very interesting theory, though, having all the sisters combine. I'd definitely read it if someone adapted it into a novel.

      Oh, that is great! I love Professor Bhaer as a person, just not so much as Jo's husband. That would be so neat to see him with Hannah!


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