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Book of the Week #36 "Anne of Avonlea"

by L.M. Montgomery

After completing high school, Anne Shirley is now ready to teach school herself as she awaits her college acceptance letter. She returns to her beloved home of Green Gables to teach school at the Avonlea schoolhouse where she'll have her hands full, especially when it comes to teaching the strong willed Anthony Pye. Now that she and Marilla are by themselves at Green Gables, that take in Marilla's niece and nephew, Dora and Davey. The two adore Anne, especially Davey. Times are changing, yet Anne is still the girl we all know and love.

I feel like this is where we really start to see how much Gilbert loves Anne. We saw it in Anne of Green Gables, but it really starts to show in Anne of Avonlea. I mean, he gave up a job so she could have it. If that doesn't say love, then I don't know what does. Anne is still Anne; she stills daydreams, her temper still flares at times and she still dreams of writing, but she's also beginning to mature. She's more forgiving of the kids when they sass her than she would have been five years ago and she's more understanding when people, especially Rachel Lynde, criticize her.

All in all, Anne of Avonlea is a lovely continuation of the Anne Shirley series.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.

I'd also like to say a happy belated birthday to our Anne girl! Her birthday was March 5. 

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