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Favorite Word Friday #20 "Elegant"


adjective  el·e·gant  \ˈe-li-gənt\

:showing good taste :graceful and attractive
:simple and clever

Much like the way in which the word is often used, to me, "elegant" is such a pretty word. When you say it, you actually feel elegant. The word makes me think of graceful dancers, vintage vanity tables, pretty gowns, and regal beauties. It reminds me of Paris, pastel desserts, lovely smelling flowers, and perfume in crystal bottles. And the word elegant to me defines people who are full grace and a humble spirit; who press on with dignity in the midst of life's storms.

Elegant is a beautiful word and that is why it is one of my favorites.

Happy Friday, readers! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. See you Monday for more tales from a real writer's life.

-Miranda Atchley

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