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The Characters of "A Castle in the Sky"

Continuing the week of celebration for A Castle in the Sky, I'd like to introduce you to some people. I've gotten to know these people fairly well over the last five months, but I still feel like I'm learning about them. So, readers and friends, meet the characters, the people that make A Castle in the Sky what it is.

(Photo found on Pinterest)

Abi Leigh Hensley

Our protagonist, Abi, is the sweetest. She's the nicest girl in the world, but she's got a little bit of spunk, and that rounds her out and gives her the strength needed in facing some of the obstacles in her life. She loves books, writing, and anything to do with words. She is very smart, often smarter than most like to give her credit for. She doesn't care much for looks, but rather what a person does. She longs for freedom, for herself, and for the rest of the world.

(Photo of  Ethel Parks, played by Amy Nuttall, of Downton Abbey)

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Taft

Lizzy was the maid at the Hensley home for four years. She and Abi were very close; best friends, actually. Like Abi, Lizzy dreams of traveling and living a different life. She has a nurturing spirit and is good at building others up, though there's also a sadness about her because of certain circumstances in her life.

Ruth Starr Hensley

Upon meeting Abi's mother, Mrs. Hensley, one finds her to be quite harsh; and she is. She's quite superficial and very concerned with the opinions of others. Yet she's a layered person, and there are many things to her personality and in her history that she rarely shows others. (I couldn't find an image that reminded me of Mrs. Hensley.)

 (Richard Gilmore, played by Edward Herrmann, reminds me of what a modern day Mr. Hensley might look like.)

George Hensley

Abi's father is a very strict man who goes by the rules and puts up a brave front. He's very set in his ways and stubborn. Yet inwardly, Mr. Hensley has a soft spot for his daughter, small, though it may be, and ultimately wants what is best for her, though he doesn't always know what that is.

(Photo found on Pinterest)

Daniel Bloom

Abi meets newspaper writer Daniel Bloom on the train ride to New York City, and the two quickly become friends. Daniel is a gentleman of the truest form. He's loyal to the end and would do anything for his friends. He's kind and understanding, a humble person, but a strong person, too.

Mrs. Wood

On a cold evening, Abi meets her sweet older neighbor, Mrs. Wood. She is a delightful woman and a true joy to write about. She's a very comforting person and the type of woman you want to pour your heart out to; someone you want to share a cup of tea with. She'll give you advice, tell you everything is going to be okay, and then serve you the best piece of pie you've ever tasted. Mrs. Wood would make the perfect grandmother for anyone. Everyone needs a Mrs. Wood. (I couldn't find a photo that reminded me of Mrs. Wood, either.)

Through Pinterest, I've found some photos that remind me of some of the supporting characters in A Castle in the Sky. Enjoy!

Jonathan Smith
The man Mr. and Mrs. Hensley wish their
   daughter to marry.
(I totally pictured Thomas Barrow, played by Rob-James Collier, from Downton Abbey, as I
    wrote about Jonathan Smith.)

Mr. and Mrs. Ramone
Owners of The White Rose boarding house.
(I don't know who this couple is, but they look almost exactly like I envisioned the Ramones.)

Mr. Stratton
The Hensley's chauffer.
(I always thought of Matthew Cuthbert, played by Richard Farnsworth, from Anne of Green Gables when I wrote about Mr. Stratton.)

Thanks for taking the time to meet the characters of A Castle in the Sky! If you enjoyed meeting these characters, you can get to know them even better in the book, which is now available on Amazon!

-Miranda Atchley


  1. How fun! I'll have to come back to this post when I am reading A Castle in the Sky to see if I like your choices :) Although I can tell right now that I probably won't like Jonathan Smith! Barrow in Downton Abbey always made me mad and even though in the last season I did kind of feel sorry for him, there is just something about the guy that was too slimy :) It is always fun to see what an author or reader envisions their characters looking like.

    1. I'll be looking forward to reading what you think of the characters once you've become more familiar with them! :)

  2. Love this Miranda! I'm a huge fan of seeing book characters imagined - Pinterest is such a great way to make it happen too :)


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