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Armchair BEA 2016 Day 1 | Of Introductions and Such

Until today, I had never heard of Armchair BEA. I saw a few bloggers I follow post about it. It sounded interesting, so I looked into it and decided to participate. Basically Armchair BEA is a way for book bloggers, authors and readers to meet who are unable to attend some of the big book conferences that are taking place at the moment. It starts today and will end on the 16th. Each day participants will answer a set of questions that are book related. It seems like a pretty fun way to talk about books and get to know other book bloggers.

Below are my answers to today's questions, which are mainly introductory questions so we can get to know each other. Enjoy!

1.  What is the name you prefer to use?
Miranda Atchley

2.  How long have you been a book blogger?
1 year

3.  Have you participated in ABEA before?
No, this is my first time. :)

Group 2:
1.  Do you have a favorite book? If you cannot choose a favorite book of all time, pick your favorite book today - just this second. Remember that favorites are allowed to change if something affects you deeply enough.
My favorite book of all time is Anne of Green Gables.

2.  What is your favorite genre and why?
Historical fiction- I love the classics. It's interesting to read about times gone by and I love reading those lines that made them classics in the first place.

3.  Which day of ABEA are you looking forward to the most?

Saturday's topic, about fictional worlds, sounds pretty interesting.

4.  If you could create a playlist that reflects your bookshelf, what would be the first song you choose? (You can include more than one if you want :D)

Just Like Heaven by The Cure. ;-)

5.  How do you arrange your bookshelves? Is there a rhyme or reason? Or not at all? (#ABEAShelfie)

I organize my books by the author's last name. It's the easiest way for me to find my books. I can't organize them by color, even though I think that looks really pretty.

6.  What book are you most excited for on your TBR? What are you most intimidated by?
I'm pretty excited to read The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder by Rachel McMillan. I loved A Singular and Whimsical Problem, and I'm looking forward to reading about Jem and Merinda's new adventures. The books on my TBR that intimidate are the ones by Leo Tolstoy. They're quite long and I'm not sure I can hold out that long for a book, but I'm willing to try.

7.  If you could choose three characters to have lunch with, who would they be and why?
1- Anne Shirley
2-Jo March
3-Emily Starr

Anne is my all-time favorite book character and so I couldn't answer this question without including her. Jo is my second favorite character and I love would to meet her, and Emily is fun and we could talk writing over lunch.

Welcome to A Real Writer's Life everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by. Feel free to comment; I love hearing from readers. You can learn more about me, and my blog, here.

-Miranda Atchley


  1. How fun! I have seen armchair BEA on some other blogs before but have never looked into it. I'll look forward to your daily posts. I think the question today that I liked the most was how do you arrange your bookshelves. Having worked as a library assistant for several years there is just no other way to shelve books than to put them alphabetically by author last name ;) It is just the rule. I know some people go by color, size or random, but that would just send me over the edge!

    1. Thanks Julie! I know what you mean; I'd crazy trying to find books on a shelf that didn't go in alphabetical order. I think it's so cool that you were a librarian. If being author wasn't an option for me, I'd either want to work at a library or a bookstore. Thanks for stopping by! :)


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