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Book of the Week #45 "Cress"

*This post contains spoilers. If you haven't started The Lunar Chronicles yet, you might want to wait to read this post after you've finished Cinder and Scarlet.*

by Marissa Meyer

As a child, Cress was locked in a satellite, filled with computers, that orbits Earth and the moon, where Luna is located, the place where Cress was born. Secluded from others, Cress is ordered by her mistress, Sybil, who is a thaunmatange to Queen Levana, to keep watch over Earth and report anything suspicious. With Linh Cinder's escape from prison, Cress's new orders are to track Cinder and report any information to Sybil. She doesn't mind too much, though, because it gives her an excuse to keep an eye on Cinder's handsome accomplice, Captain Carswell Thorne. She doesn't want to turn Cinder and her band of rebels in; in fact, she herself would like to join them against Queen Levana. Yet keeping information from the queen could result in disastrous consequences.

Cress has been my favorite book in The Lunar Chronicles. Cress is shy, but she wants to be bold, and I can relate to that. She's very smart when it comes to computers, but seeing as she has lived in seclusion most of her life, she can be naive when it comes to interacting with others. I didn't care for Thorne in Scarlet, because he seemed like an airhead. Yet in Cress, we see another side of him, and I came to like his character.

I thought it was such a neat touch to include Cress's day dreams and imagination, especially when she's in difficult situations. How she imagines herself as an adventurer as they traipse through the dessert. I think a lot of us readers can relate to that.

 All in all, Cress is a lovely addition to The Lunar Chronicles, one that I consider my favorite.

I give this book a 5 out of 5.


  1. I loved Cress too! I didn't care for the way that Thorne played with her attraction towards him though. I thought he manipulated her and was a bit harsh with her. But then he could be so tender and caring. No wonder the poor girl was so confused by him! But yes, I thought this was a great book in the series. And IKO! Seriously I love that droid/robot/friend/character!

    1. I can see where you're coming from about Thorne, Julie. Yet I think he has a sensitive side that he covers up. And Iko is the best! I love her.


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