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Top Ten Tuesday: Of The Non-Bookish Variety

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week's topic is your top ten favorite websites that aren't book related. I have to admit, it was a little bit hard since most of the websites I use are book related. But before I got into the book community, there were several blogs I read and still read today.

I've become more of Twitter person than a Facebook (which I'm becoming less fond of by the day) person. I can connect with lots of other writers and book bloggers and readers on there. And I love accounts like History Lovers Club, Emergency Kittens, and Earth Pics. It's fun to look at the different photos they share.

Kate Gabrielle's blog is a dream for those of us that love pastel colors. I love the way she has decorated her room. She also does some really pretty and quirky art that is adorable. And her hair is so pretty.

Once upon a time, I was very "into" makeup. As in, I used to watch lots of the tutorials that run rampant on YouTube, and even considered going to Cosmetology school and doing hair/makeup as a side job to writing. I wore crazy eye makeup and colored my hair every shade of the rainbow. These days, I stick with cat eyeliner, mascara, and the occasional neutral eyeshadow and I haven't colored my hair in a year. Though my passion for makeup has burned out quite a bit, from time to time I still enjoy looking at beauty blogs. When I was still obsessed with cosmetics, Vintage or Tacky was among my favorite blogs/YouTubers. Her message of positivity and self-acceptance has always been something I've admired and appreciated. And Cora is just a friendly, personable type of gal; someone you'd love to just hang with sometime.

I hate that the term "Goth" has this negative stigma attached to it as though it's either a group of heathen teenagers or a cult, when it's really more just a style, like boho, vintage chic, etc... I may not love all that the Goth style includes, but I do appreciate aspects of it; the more quirky side, I guess you'd say. Black and white stripes, lace, etc... That sort of thing. I really like how Bane restyles things she finds to fit her personal taste. It shows that you can take anything you find and make it yours. And she has the cutest dogs.

I became familiar with Lindsi's blog through #4 and #3 on this list (Lindsi's husband Mike was in Showbread with Vanessa and Abi's husbands). I loved seeing all the pretty crafts she would make and vintage things. Her blog isn't a book blog, though from time to time she has mentioned her favorite books and we have very similar taste. And when she colored her hair pastel pink and purple a few years ago, it was ADORABLE. She doesn't post much anymore, but I still consider People Webs a favorite blog.

Image source (I own the plaid one in the upper left corner. :) )

I began reading this blog when I was around 15. I knew who Vanessa was because her husband plays bass for the band Showbread, and so I started reading The Velvet Bird. Her blog and blog #3 on my list fed my love for vintage things that had sparked within me at around age 12. I loved seeing all of her pretty handmade vintage inspired clothing, as well as D.I.Y projects and occasional recipes. Like Lindsi, these days Vanessa doesn't blog much, but occasionally when I'm feeling nostalgic, I'll swing by and scan the archives for some of my favorite posts by her. Many of those include posts from early 2011 when she accompanied Showbread on tour, because I went to their stop in Conway, AR. I met the band and Vanessa, and bought one of her handmade necklaces that I still wear from time to time.

I found Abi's blog through Vanessa's blog, though I was already familiar with who she was because her husband is the singer for Showbread (he and Vanessa's husband are brothers). I've enjoyed reading their journey from living in Georgia to moving to Washington state, Abi opening her own online clothing store and the two starting a family as Josh becomes a pastor. Back in the day, it was fun to see the handmade clothing she would post photos of, as well as all the pretty desserts she made, like French macarons and pies on a stick.

I think I started reading this blog when I was maybe 16. It's been awhile. What draws me in is Kaylah's ever changing and oh so pretty hair, and her pet photos. It's neat to see her incorporate more travel and scenery posts as her life has changed over the last couple of years. She and I may have very different taste when it comes to things like books or movies, but I can't deny that her hair and pet posts are a treat to read.

Yeah, I love Pinterest. I don't know why, but it's just fun collecting pictures of the things you love. Like, writing tips, pretty book covers, ideas for my dream home, humorous memes, or things that just make my heart happy. 


  1. How fun Miranda! I'm not familiar with most of the blogs that you put in your top 10, but it was fun reading what makes them special to you. I have to confess that I just don't get Twitter. I am on there, but I just don't "get" it. ha! I rarely check it. I think us older generation have taken over the facebook craze so we can have our rants! ha! I also have not ever looked at Pinterest. My fear would be that I would get sucked into it and then waste more time on the computer than I already do! Everyone tells me though that I should get on there...sigh! Goth...goth just fascinates me. I think I love the fact that people that dress quirky are being themselves. They are creative and they don't mind standing out. Me? I'd never be able to pull it off(well, mainly because I'm 50!), but seriously it would draw too much attention to myself and I'm all about blending in with the scenery. ha! But I really do like the style and like the quirkiness. I think one of the turn-offs for me would be the moodiness, the people that tend to be all dark and depressed. They miss the fun that could go with the style. If that makes sense? I find it interesting that your taste for makeup has changed with maturity. I've never been "into" makeup, although I did used to wear it every day. Now I go all natural because I'm too stinkin lazy to mess with it anymore! ha! I love to watch those Youtube video's though of the girls putting their faces on. I have two nieces that love love love makeup and when they doll themselves up the end result is gorgeous for sure. When they put on their faces it looks great, when I put on makeup it looks like I'm a clown! In fact my husband calls it my clown face so maybe that is why I don't wear it much anymore. Oh well...I always enjoy your blog posts Miranda :)

    1. Pinterest will definitely suck you in! Haha. And I totally get you on wanting to blend in. The less attention that is on me, the better. Those videos are fun, aren't they? Even if I don't use the techniques, I still like to watch the videos. Thanks for dropping by, Julie!


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