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Lately 7.12.2016

Hi, readers and friends. I hope you're all doing well. I suppose it is officially summer, which I'm not too thrilled about. I'm not a fan of hot weather at all, and it's been awfully humid lately, leaving the air so heavy that it feels like a blanket. But fall will be here soon enough and I'll be feeling like myself yet again. Silver linings, you know.

Today I wanted to check in with another lately post. Sometimes it's just fun to talk about what I've been reading, writing, or listening to.

I've been reading Grace Mullins's debut The Ghost of Briardale and it's a blast. I can't wait to share more with you all in my review coming soon. Other than that, I've been reading Roseanna M. White's The Lost Heiress and am planning on reading The Reluctant Duchess. I also have Kristy Cambron's newest book The Ringmaster's Wife on my Kindle, though I haven't spent much time on it with my other reads. I plan on getting more into it soon, though. I re-read Go Set A Watchman over the weekend. Goodness, I love that book.

I'm still working on a sequel to A Castle in the Sky. It's going a bit slow, though I made a few changes to the plot. Something just didn't feel right with the original plot, and when I made a certain change, things started coming together a little more. Some more changes may be in the works, but I'm beginning to get somewhere. I'd love to have this book out by the end of the year, though it may be early 2017 before its ready.

Sucre has been playing a lot on my iPod lately, especially Young and Free. I've also been listening to The Smashing Pumpkins a lot. I love Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

And that's my lately. Hope you're all doing well! Thanks for stopping by today.

-Miranda Atchley


  1. I feel you on the heat! It was 35 degrees here without humidex. BARF. I love summer and sun, but a certain point is overkill. And I don't feel as productive :/ Glad lots of reading is happening <3

    1. The summer make me feel sluggish too. Like I don't want to do anything when it's super hot outside. I'm glad to be reading more, too! I kind of hit a lull, but I'm getting back on track.


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