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I think one of the most trying things about being a writer is not knowing what the future is. You never know if people are going to buy your book or like it. It can be scary, especially if you're trying to make a living at this.  

Writers are dreamers. We have big plans for our books, as well as for ourselves. We build up big expectations for ourselves, and when things don't automatically work out the way we want them to, it can disappointing and frustrating. But it's important not to let it rob of us of those dreams. I know that it's hard. I worry practically every day about these books of mine. Yet I know that I can't just give up. I've considered it, and it leaves me feeling hollow. I don't know about you, but I do not want to go through life feeling that way.

There are a lot of tough days when you feel like giving up. It's been weeks, or months, since you've sold a book and you just don't see the point in trying anymore. Sometimes you'll go weeks without writing a single sentence that you're happy with. And then someone will stop you at the grocery store and tell you how much they loved your book. Or someone will buy your book out of the blue. Sometimes you'll even write ten pages in a row. And then you remember why you wanted to this is first place. You get that feeling deep in your soul that allows it all to make sense. They're little things, but they make all the difference. God is looking out for you.

Sometimes being a writer is tough. But be patient (I know that's a hard one!) because someday, somehow, some way, it will work. It just will. You simply have to keep going.

Happy writing, friends.

-Miranda Atchley


  1. Needed this today Miranda. You're always so inspirational <3

    Also, I swear I WILL buy your book. I want a hard copy and shipping to Canada SUCKS, lol, so I have to wait until we have money. Blah.

  2. Thank you, Stefanie. I'm glad to know you enjoy reading this little blog. And I certainly understand about money woes! But I'm really looking forward to you reading the book and hearing you think of it when you get a chance. :) Have great weekend, friend!


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