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Book of the Week #60 "The One"

by Kiera Cass

After announcing on live television her wish to end the caste system in Illéa, America Singer was quite nearly sent home. Yet Maxon pulled some strings with his father, King Clarkson, and America was able to stay. Still, King Clarkson, who in no way wants Maxon to marry America, has been putting ideas in her head about Maxon and the other girls. All the while, the rebel attacks are becoming more frequent and deadly. When the sister of fellow Elite, Natalie, is killed, and Natalie is sent home to grieve, the Selection is now down to four. The competition is tough, and America still doesn't feel like she's cut out for life as a princess. Yet she very well may be what Illéa needs.

I have mixed feelings about this one. I think what I like about this series the most is that it takes place in a palace, and that makes it neat to read about. It gives a lighthearted aspect that makes it fun to read. And it definitely is a fast paced, page-turner series. But again, Maxon got on my nerves a little is this book. The thing that made me the most mad was the scene where he found America talking to Aspen. He got so mad that he didn't know they were a couple before the Selection (and secretly during the Selection, when Aspen arrived at the palace as a guard) when he wasn't all that truthful himself. I mean, in The Elite, he had done things with the other girls when America was upset about Marlee, when he had made it pretty clear that he was going to choose America. And he only confessed about the French girl after King Clarkson spilled the beans in front of America! Ugh, it just got on my nerves. It's like because he's the guy, and he's the one going through the selection, he gets to have all these secrets and do whatever he wants, and still call off the engagement when he saw America and Aspen talking. Oh well, enough ranting. Another thing I didn't like was some of the really steamy moments between Maxon and America. I noticed them in the other books, and I didn't like this aspect in this series, especially considering that it's Y/A. I just don't think that it's appropriate, nor does it add anything to books. You can have romance without giving it all away.

What I did like about this book was America's unwillingness to cave for King Clarkson's suggestions no matter how high the stakes were, when she knew that it was wrong. And then of course, we got the happy ending we all were looking forward to since reading The Selection.

All in all, The One was definitely not my favorite book in The Selection series, but I'm glad that America and Maxon got their happily ever after.

I give this book a 3 out of 5.

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