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Write What Makes You Happy

You've probably heard this before. "Write what makes you happy." People say it so often that to most people, the phrase has lost most of its meaning. Yet, I'm here to tell you, there is plenty of meaning in those words.

Sometimes when you're a writer, you begin to think of altering your stories to fit another's ideas. That's not the best option. Writing is a personal thing, and something that you shouldn't base on other's opinions. If you're inspired to write by someone, then great! But don't feel like you have to write a story that would please someone else. Writing is never good when it begins as a plea for someone to like you.

I've tried to write what I thought others would want me to write, and it was not good. I wasn't happy, and the writing just didn't work. Nothing sounded right, nothing flowed. I didn't want to write anymore- and that's scary. But when I write what makes me happy, things move at a much better pace and feel so much better. True, just because you're writing what makes you happy doesn't mean that everything will be perfect. You'll still hit bumps in the road and struggle here and there, but it's much more worth it when you're writing something that nourishes your soul as opposed to only writing something you think others will want to read.

Thanks for stopping by today. What sort of things are you writing right now?

-Miranda Atchley


  1. I like your post and yes, I agree with you that one should write what makes a person happy.

    Other than writing blog posts for my book blog and knitting blog, I don't write anything else. And yes, trying to writing about topics that make me happy for each of my blogs makes all the difference.

    1. Thank you! The sentiment goes for any sort of writing, really. I'm glad you enjoyed the post!


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