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Emma Read-Along Wrap Up

Hey guys! Today I'm checking in with my last discussion post for the Emma read-along. I had fun with it, even though it wasn't my favorite Austen novel. You can check out my review here. Discussion questions were written by Amber.

1. What did you think of Mr. Elton's choice in a wife? And do you believe Mrs. Elton truly cared about Jane Fairfax?
Mrs. Elton rather annoyed me. She just did. And I'm not really sure how she felt about Jane Fairfax.

2. Which scene of the story stood out to you the most? Perhaps one that made you chuckle...or one that melted your heart...or one that made you cringe with embarrassment.
Probably towards the end when Mr. Knightley is declaring his love.

3. Were you content with the matches that were made by the end of the story? Do you think everyone ended up in the right relationships?
Yes, I was. I'm glad Emma wound up with Mr. Knightley, and I think Harriet and Mr. Martin are a good match.

4. Have you read any other Jane Austen novels? If so, which is your favorite, and how does Emma rank on your list?
I've read a few others. My ranking would go:
Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice
Northanger Abbey
Love and Friendship

Thanks for stopping by today!

-Miranda Atchley


  1. Oh Mrs. Elton was insufferable! hahah! She was just rotten wasn't she? One of those fake people that flatter to your face, but are mean behind your back. I think she is mean-spirited and jealous and has puffed herself up in order to look down on others. Definitely not pastor wife material. ha! And what was up with the, "My Lord and Master" bit? Puke! I took it as a put down to those that weren't married. Kind of like "look at me, I have a husband, and you don't nah nah" ha! Maybe I'm the mean spirited one? I did like Mr. Knightley declaring his love for Emma. It was sweet, and really who else could know her as well as he did and still love her faults and all? Perfect match. I'm still not a fan of Jane and Frank. I guess I still don't get the whole reason for the duplicity to begin with. Or maybe I just don't understand the childishness behind it. Maybe I'm not understanding the immaturity. ha! Who knows. But definitely not my favorite Austen characters. I'd rank my favorites as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility. Would have to think on the rest of the list. It was fun reading along with you gals! I'm looking forward to the next read-along :)

    1. Mrs. Elton definitely got on my nerves. She was just annoying! And I keep forgetting that Mr. Elton was a pastor. There were so many pastors in Jane Austen's novels! I am really looking forward to the next read-along, too! It's been fun. :)

  2. We made it! Haha! Thanks so much for sticking with me and patiently awaiting my last discussion post. :)

    I'm happy with the matches that were made, too, and Mr. Knightley declaring his love for Emma was really sweet. ♥

    So interesting to hear that both you and Julie would rank Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility at the top of your lists! Those are two I haven't read yet. I did really enjoy Persuasion (which I definitely recommend if you haven't read it yet!) and Northanger Abbey (Henry Tilney = *swoon*).

    Thank you so much for participating in the read-along!


    1. Oh, it's been a fun read-along! I really think you'll like Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. We should do read-alongs of them sometime! :) Thank you so much for hosting this read-along, Amber! :)

  3. Oh yes! That scene with Mr. Knightley! That was a good one.
    You have great answers!


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