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Book of the Week #70 "The Sound of Emeralds"

by Rachelle Rea Cobb

After the turmoil that brought them together and an emotional betrothal, Lady Gwyneth and Lord Dirk Godfrey are now married. The two are deliriously happy as they begin their new life among family and friends at Godfrey Estate. Yet not everyone is full of joy for the happy new couple, and Gwyn’s old friend Anders continues to linger. Dirk continues to try and clear his name of crimes he didn’t commit, though it is a struggle. When Gwyn and Dirk receive some good news, their minds are preoccupied with their happiness. Yet when tragedy strikes, they fear it could be the end of this romance that was seemingly doomed from the start.

What a ride this series has been! From Gwyn hating Dirk in the beginning, to now not being able to fathom life without him, Dirk’s undying devotion to Gwyn all the while, we’ve seen a lot happen. And The Sound of Emeralds offers no lack of twists and turns. As the book begins, Gwyn and Dirk are so happy, yet toward the middle, we see them struggle over their loss. I felt bad for them and all they had to deal with, on top of Dirk trying to clear his name. It was tough! But after a time, both came to lean on the Lord and slowly started to heal. Things were not perfect, as few things in this world ever are, yet in the end, Dirk and Gwyn got their happily ever after.

This series has been a realistic one. I’ll admit, one could be skeptical to find that Gwyn and Dirk have fallen in love so quickly in the face of what they’ve been through, though stranger things have certainly happened. But things have never been easy for them, though they have grown up in pampered families. They’ve faced more than their fair share of hardship, but with the Lord’s help have pulled through.

Another thing I like about this series is the covers. I think all of the covers for the Steadfast Love series are pretty, but I think this one is my favorite. It just makes you feel like you could step into the 16th century and I love Gwyn’s gown.

All in all, The Sound of Emeralds was a great conclusion to a charming series that I’d recommend to any fan of historical romance.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.


  1. Thank you so much for this sparkling review, Miranda! I've loved following along with all of your reviews as you read Dirk & Gwyn's full story. I so appreciate your support!

    And Emeralds is my favorite cover, too! :)

    1. You're so welcome, Rachelle! I'm really glad you've enjoyed these reviews. This was such a great series and I'm looking forward to your future writing endeavors! :)


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