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Review: Glamorous Illusions by Lisa T. Bergren

by Lisa T. Bergren

After another year at Normal School in 1913, Cora Diehl is simply looking forward to a summer at home with her mother and father, helping them on their Montana farm. Yet on the day she arrives home, her papa suffers a stroke and the doctor doesn’t expect him to make it. When her papa awakens the next morning, Cora feels triumphant, having expected he would all along. Yet it isn’t long until he suffers another stroke. Cora wants to help send him to a better hospital, and so she retrieves the diamond necklace she received as a birthday gift from an anonymous person. Before she’s able to do so, a beautiful and expensive carriage pulls onto the farm and from it climbs the wealthiest man in Montana, copper king Wallace Kensington, claiming that he is Cora’s biological father, as well as the one who has sent her extravagant gifts for each birthday. Cora’s mother confirms this, much to her dismay. Having heard of Mr. Diehl’s poor health, Mr. Kensington has come to offer Cora a spot on The Grand Tour with his other children, as well as to pay for her papa to go to the hospital in Minneapolis. Upon her mother’s insistence, Cora agrees, not knowing what to expect. It won’t be easy trying to fit in with her new found family among the pampered youth on The Grand Tour of Europe, but Cora will learn and experience things she never thought possible.

This was a good book. From the beginning I found myself interested in it with its unique plot from the beginning. Questions as to how Cora would come to go on the Grand Tour (since I knew she would, given the summary) and who the person was that had been sending gifts to her intrigued me until they were answered. Seeing the new world Cora was thrust into upon discovering her new family was interesting and kept me guessing. I felt for Cora with all that had been going on; from her father being ill, to leaving her home and having to become acquainted with new siblings and family friends that have been raised to think they’re a cut above. I also felt sorry for Will seeing as how much he wanted to return to school, but had to put his education on hold in order to earn money while watching all of these wealthy young people, one even being his former classmate, live as they pleased.

Another thing I love about this book; the cover. It’s so pretty! I love the pink and gold sky behind the Eiffel tower, and Cora’s dress.

All in all, I liked Glamorous Illusions and would recommend it to any fan of historical fiction.

I give this book a 4 out of 5.

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