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Lately 2.14.2017

Hello readers and friends. Things have been quiet around here again. The first part of the month, I spent wrapping up All The Future Holds and getting everything ready for its release. And after getting it ready to go I decided to take a little break. My reading has slowed down some too. I just want to relax a little. It is very strange after spending so many hours over these past days and months writing and editing this book. It’s sad for me to release that it’s over, but more than that, I’m excited about this book. I really want people to read it and enjoy it and I’m looking forward to seeing what my readers think of it, as well as hopefully gaining some new readers.


The other day I finished the Susan B. Anthony biography I had been reading. Now I’m reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I just love his writing; it’s so comforting to me.


Not much. Haha! Like I said, when I finish writing a book, I like to take a little vacation to rest up for the next one. But I have been writing a little bit here and there, mainly working on blog posts.


There’s a small community theatre about an hour from where I live and their production this month has been Sense and Sensibility. I went to their Sunday matinee on February 12 and I really enjoyed it. I don’t go to the theatre that often, but I do like going for Jane Austen productions. I went to see Pride and Prejudice two years ago, but had to leave during intermission because it had begun to snow. L Thankfully, there was no snow this time and I got to stay for the whole thing. And I had a better seat this time, too. They made it humorous while still maintaining the original integrity of the story. I did recognize some of the actors; like the girl that played Lizzy Bennet played Anne Steele, the actress that was Miss Bingley was Elinor Dashwood, the actor that was Mr. Bingley played Willoughby, and the guy that played Mr. Collins was Edward Ferrars. I wasn’t sure about that last one when I was reading the playbill, but he did a pretty good job. Oh, and the girl that played either Kitty or Lydia, I can’t remember which, played Fanny Dashwood. She did a great job, especially during the scene where she finds out that Edward and Lucy are engaged. And she carried a little dachshund that was so cute! He was well behaved and just sat perfectly.

So that’s this writer’s life lately. I hope you’re all having a great week. Until next time….

-Miranda Atchley

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