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Review: Persuasion by Jane Austen

by Jane Austen

In this classic tale by timeless author Jane Austen, we meet Anne Elliot, a beautiful and quiet woman. At the age of nineteen, Anne came to know and fall in love with naval officer, Captain Wentworth. The two became engaged, though Anne’s proud family thought the captain to be beneath her. Persuaded by her friend, Lady Russell, Anne broke off her engagement with Captain Wentworth and their close friendship was ended. Now at the age of twenty-eight, Anne still lives with her father, Sir Walter Elliot. When Captain Wentworth re-enters her life, Anne is heartbroken, feeling things will never be the same between them. Yet events to come might prove otherwise.

I don’t consider this to be my favorite Jane Austen novel, but I think it lies somewhere in the middle of the novels I have read by her so far. I think Anne is near the top of the list as far as Jane Austen’s heroines goes. She has a sweet and quiet nature. Though some would probably become frustrated with her because of the fact that she allowed Lady Russell to persuade her from marrying Captain Wentworth, I think it seems like a very realistic view of the situation, and it all worked out in the end, anyway.

Captain Wentworth is one of Austen’s most swooned over heroes. We all know why; because of The Letter. Again, he isn’t my favorite Austen hero, but he is one of the better ones. I think it’s because he isn’t full of himself like some.

All in all, while Persuasion isn’t my all-time favorite Jane Austen novel, I still like it and am glad to have read it.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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