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Indie Pride Day

Tomorrow, July 1st, is Indie Pride Day. It’s a day to celebrate independently published novels, whether they’re self-published or published by an independently minded publishing house.

I wanted to encourage you all to look into reading more indie novels. It seems that they are overlooked by many. In many cases, people simply do not know about independently published books. Yet in some cases, people overlook indie books because they think they aren’t worth the time, and that is simply not true. Many indie authors are very talented; I’ve enjoyed all of the self-published books I have read. They’re unique, engrossing, and well written in so many cases. Self-publishing offers a lot of freedom to publish your book the way you want to, and that’s a great thing. It gives so many people the opportunity to see their dreams realized. How awesome is that?

Congratulations to all indie authors! I wish you much success. And to all the readers out there; give indies a chance! You might find your next favorite book if you do. J

-Miranda Atchley

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