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Lately 6.14.2017

Hello readers and friends! I hope you’re all doing well this month. It’s starting to feel like summer here, but it hasn’t been terribly bad yet. I just can’t believe this year is halfway over! Time flies by so fast. Today I wanted to pop in with a lately post. Here’s how I’ve been spending the month thus far.


This month I’ve been taking a little break from writing. The first draft of my current novel is basically finished, and so I’m resting up for the next draft. I’m looking forward to seeing how this novel turns out, as well as you all being able to read it!


While I’ve been on my break, I’ve been reading a ton. I’ve read some books that I’ve loved, like Liliesin Moonlight and Waves of Mercy, as well as some others that I’ve enjoyed. I’m currently reading Mansfield Park, which has been good.


I finally watched Beauty and The Beast and I loved it! It was such a pretty movie and they did a really good job with it. I loved the costumes and the furniture. And they stuck very close to the original movie. It was just a good movie.

So that’s how my month has been going. Hope your summer is off to a good start! Thank you for stopping by today!

-Miranda Atchley


  1. Three cheers for Beauty and the Beast. Love that one so much. I picked up a copy when it came out, so now I just need to rewatch it. Apart from loving everything about this one, I really liked that the little castle peeps were so "real" looking. Great CGI or animation (whichever it's called). Glad you enjoyed.

    1. Totally agree, Rissi! Loved the look of all the furniture characters; so life-like and so pretty! :)


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