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My Dream Reading Corner

Hello readers and friends! I hope you’re all doing well today. I have a fun post to share with you this morning.

I think about the dream reading space a lot. What book nerd doesn't? Most of us probably have it all planned out, because it so fun to dream up. I was recently inspired by Arhaus to write a post describing my dream reading space, which was a fun post to put together.

My dream reading space is something that I think about a lot. I already have my dream home pictured in my mind with a Pinterest board to prove it. I would love to have a Victorian style cottage. I love Victorian architecture; it’s different, a little bit quirky, and makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time.

When it comes to my dream house, the room I think about the most is the library. I would love to have a room that is dedicated to books. My favorite part of Beauty and The Beast is the library scene, after all. In my mind, the walls would have built in shelves, offering floor to ceiling space for books. Can you imagine having a room where you’re surrounded by books!? The floors would be a dark hardwood with a pretty rug in the center to warm the place up. There would be one lone window on the wall opposite the entryway, and it would overlook a beautiful view. I think the best thing would be to have either a sycamore or an oak tree within view; one that has leaves that would turn gorgeous colors in the fall.

Surrounding this window would be the perfect space for reading. A nice window seat made from a sturdy wood with lots of neat details to make it stand out, topped with a good cushion and nice fluffy pillows is essential. I would love to have some pillows from Evie Seo’s Society6 store- they’re so pretty! Under the seat, I would really like to have storage- a place to put throw blankets in the summer and then bring them back out in the winter. The walls surrounding the window seat would have built in shelves not only for more books, but also for things like a pretty lamp to read by when it gets dark. Lighting is key when it comes to a reading room, and Arhaus has some great selections on their website. Such pretty light fixtures, lamps, and chandeliers; so many options that would look beautiful in any room and really set off the perfect reading space! And of course surrounding the window I would want to hang some nice curtains to frame it and really make it pop. Just think about how nice it would be to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea in this space. It would be a place where you’re tucked away, ready to get lost in a whole other world.

Franklin Brass Weighted Task Lamp

Mohair Wool Grey Throw 

Thank you all for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed reading about my dream reading corner.

Have you ever thought about your dream reading corner? Tell me about it in the comments; I would love to hear about it!

-Miranda Atchley

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