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Review: The Butterfly and The Violin by Kristy Cambron

The Butterfly and The Violin
by Kristy Cambron

In the early 1940s, talented violinist Adele Von Bron is known as Austria’s Sweetheart. During college, she played in the university’s orchestra, and as an adult has played with the Austrian Philharmonic. Among other talented musicians in their orchestra is Vladimir, a cellist who has caught Adele’s eye. Yet Adele’s wealthy parents frown upon any association with the merchant’s son and do everything in their power to keep the two apart. As WWII ravages Austria, Adele feels sympathy for the Jews in her community. As she and Vladimir secretly work to help them, they know that they are putting their lives in danger.

In present day Manhattan, Sera James throws herself into her work at her art gallery to distract herself from her broken heart. Since she was young and had gone to Paris with her father, she’s been captivated by the painting of a violinist during the Holocaust, spending most of her work life searching for the original. When her assistant finds a copy of the painting, Sera feels as though she is very close to obtaining the original. Yet the price of purchasing the painting might be more than she is willing to pay.

What to say about this book… It’s heartbreaking but beautiful. It broke my heart to read of the struggles that prisoners went through in the horrible camps. But the story was so good. I felt so sorry for Adele, yet continued holding out hope for her and Vladimir and the others. I love the message of hope that is conveyed throughout the book.

Even though her trials weren’t as severe as Adele’s, I still felt sympathy toward Sera as she struggled with her past. This story offered hope for her as well, and I appreciated that.

All in all, The Butterfly and The Violin was touching story. It was a heartfelt look into a dark part of the world’s past that offered great hope.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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