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Review: Miranda Warning by Heather Day Gilbert

Miranda Warning
by Heather Day Gilbert

Tess Spencer has had a special place in her heart for Miranda Michaels for some time. The sixty-something woman, whom Tess calls the Grande Dame, was there for her when it seemed as though no one else was. So when Miranda receives an anonymous letter at her apartment in an assisted living facility written in her late friend’s hand, Tess is worried. She begins to investigate Rose’s death, which took place forty years ago. At the time, most thought it to be a suicide, though Tess soon comes to believe that this is false. All signs point toward Rose’s husband Paul, whom has his sight set on Miranda, causing Tess further worry. Despite her family’s warnings, Tess becomes involved in the case to protect her friend. Mystery and intrigue abound as Tess works to uncover the truth about a death decades past.

You can tell that a true southerner wrote this novel. It represents modern day life in a small southern town rather than the idyllic version often portrayed in literature and movies. The mystery in the story truly kept me guessing. I was continually wondering what would happen next and was surprised by the outcome of many events. The ending really threw me for a loop, but it made sense after I gave it some thought. There’s a touch of paranormal as well as psychological thriller and a look into the past. It sounds like a lot, but it ties together pretty well.

There were a few things here and there that I didn’t particularly care for, but since they weren’t major parts of the story, I was able to overlook them and still like the story.

All in all, I found Miranda Warning to be a good mystery. I would recommend this book to fans of cozy mysteries and those that enjoy small town settings.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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